Doctors Cause Diabetics to D.I.E.

By Ron Rosedale, MD

A new study, which follows a similar one two months ago, reveals the inadequacy and ineptitude of current traditional treatment for diabetes. The article indicates the recognition finally that so-called type 1 diabetics are frequently also acquiring type 2 diabetes and that type 2 diabetics are much more frequently acquiring type 1 diabetes.

As is so frequently the case, rather than indicating a cause and trying to get to the root of this, it is much easier to give this constellation of symptoms a new name: type 3 diabetes or double diabetes. Since obesity and diabetes are often found together this is now being called "diabesity."

Names are meaningless unless they pertain to cause. Much more appropriate names for type 1 and type 2 diabetes would be insulin-deficient or insulin-resistant diabetes respectively, stressing the importance of insulin signaling in this disease. And in this case, the progression and deterioration of so-called type 1 and type 2 diabetes into one another should more appropriately be called Doctor Induced Exacerbation or DIE, stressing the significance of current medical treatment as the cause of type 3 or double diabetes.

I have been incensed about the traditional medical treatment of diabetes for decades. Diabetics have been told that they can eat meals multiple times daily that turn into sugar and even sugar itself, as long as they take enough insulin to lower their blood sugar. The importance of limiting the intake of sugar and foods that turn into sugar has been almost totally ignored. There has been virtually no recognition that high levels of insulin are at least as much of an insult to a person's health as high levels of sugar (see Insulin and its Metabolic Effects).

With blinders on, drugs have been and are still being given to lower blood sugar, even though they essentially whip the islet cells of the pancreas to produce more insulin. These unfortunate, overstressed islet cells have been producing excess insulin for years and often decades to try to compensate for the insensitivity, the resistance of the body's cells to insulin's signal.

This is much like whipping a horse to run faster at the end of a race; it runs faster for a little while, but if you keep doing it, it collapses and dies. So too do the islet cells that manufacture insulin in the pancreas die when drugs, nay doctors, whip them to keep producing more insulin when they are tired and sick.

At this point, a diabetic, who originally had plenty of insulin being produced, and whose problem was merely one of insulin resistance that is easily remedied via proper treatment and diet, now starts losing the ability to produce insulin and becomes, in addition to insulin resistant, insulin deficient; a much more serious and problematic disorder caused by DIE.

Likewise, so-called type 1 diabetics, by being told to take as much insulin as necessary to compensate for their immensely inadequate diet extremely high in foods that convert into sugar, ultimately acquire insulin resistance, and turn also into type 2 diabetics. This is because the cause of insulin resistance is overexposure to insulin in the first place.

Your body's cells become desensitized to insulin (and importantly to leptin and other hormones) by being overexposed to these hormones by eating food that causes excessive secretion. This is much like being overexposed to an odor in a room; soon you can't smell it. If you eat a diet high in sugar-forming foods, the excess insulin that is being produced each time causes your cells to eventually become unable to properly "smell" the insulin.

Thus, type 1 diabetics taking two, three, and even 10 times the insulin that they ought to and that is necessitated by following current medical dietary recommendations, ultimately become desensitized, resistant, to the insulin that they are taking. They become both insulin deficient, and insulin resistant caused by DIE.

It is especially a disgrace that insulin-resistant diabetics (the vast majority of diabetics) become worse by following current medical recommendations and treatment. This is a disease that is reversible, and in many cases curable by paying attention to decades of metabolic science (as revealed in books such as "The Rosedale Diet" and the "Total Health Program").

In this respect, everyone can be helped. Insulin resistance, and, importantly, leptin resistance, are an inevitable result of aging. However, the rate at which this is acquired, and indeed then the rate of aging itself, can be significantly reduced by learning and applying the knowledge revealed in my book The Rosedale Diet and in Dr. Mercola's Total Health Program. Though we all ultimately will die, nobody should ever succumb to DIE.

Dr. Mercola's Comments:
One of the more popular articles on my Web site is a transcript of a lecture about the importance of insulin by Dr. Ron Rosedale, who is an expert on leptin physiology, a very powerful and influential hormone that has totally changed the way science looks at fat, nutrition and metabolism. I interviewed him last year for the book he wrote, The Rosedale Diet, and I invited him to give a guest editorial comment on this article.


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