Dangerous Ideas Worth Reading

If you're interested in the progress of science, you'll enjoy reviewing the Edge Foundation's Web site.

Every year, this organization -- whose mission is to promote inquiry and discussion of intellectual issues -- asks a question that jump-starts more than 100 of the world's leading minds into action.

Their answers are eye-opening and often controversial, but never dull. This year's question -- What is your dangerous idea? -- is a good one tackled by 117 contributors, spanning more than 72,000 words and 12 Web pages.

Just to give you a flavor of what to expect, one Yale University scientist briefly tackles his concerns about a public that has become less informed and less enchanted with science, history and scholarship over the past four decades.

He does this rather deftly by comparing the public's abiding interest in America's space program during the 60s with the complete lack of concern many people have about computers and the Internet and how they work.

And, that's just the tip of the iceberg ...



Dr. Mercola's Comments:


Those of you who read this newsletter regularly know that "dangerous" ideas -- radical shifts in perspective and action -- are critically important to our health, happiness, and survival.

So many forces are invested in concealing and obscuring the truth in order to sell their products that ideas which should be obvious, like a healthy, natural diet, have become "dangerous". Instead, we are told, we should "play it safe" by sticking with existing models ... which, in the field of medicine, means buying drugs, drugs, and more drugs.

It is my vision to transform the existing medical paradigm from one addicted to pharmaceuticals, surgeries and other methods that only conceal or remove specific symptoms -- with morbid results to our health and economy -- to one focused on treating and preventing the underlying causes.

The conventional medical paradigm has been a destructive influence in our culture, promoting disease by pinning all focus on mere treatments that patch over existing illness while virtually ignoring both prevention and real cure.

The drug companies thrive in a state where people remain sick and more are getting sick, as that means both repeat customers and a growing base for their overpriced treatments.

With its very deep pockets, the drug industry is able to hire some of the most sophisticated and effective marketers on the planet.

These marketers are using the best that psychological science has to offer to manipulate both the general public and most medical experts into believing that health care means pharmaceuticals. Other, more effective methods are portrayed as being hazardous to your health -- "dangerous".

That's why Mercola.com provides you with comprehensive, clear and researched guidance on the best nutrition, medical, emotional therapy and lifestyle choices to improve and maintain total health -- guidance which is not tainted by advertisers, investors, sponsors, or any other party offering financial or other returns in exchange for the promotion of their ideas, suggestions or goods.

Where I recommend or offer products and services on this site, it is because I have researched them and truly believe they are the most worthwhile

I am hopeful that if you are under 50, you will live to see the day when the paradigm finally switches back to the "dangerous" traditional notion of medicine.

That is, one that that relies on natural unprocessed foods, pure water, fresh air and safe amounts of sun exposure, frequent exercise, proper rest, emotional balancing and avoidance of toxic chemicals and pollutants. These hold the true keys to restoring us back to a life of health and vigor.



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