EFT: This Natural Method Helps Couples Overcome Fertility Issues

By Christine Wheeler, MA

Is stress causing you difficulty conceiving a child -- or is it the other way around? You may have been given the advice, don't try so hard ... relax ... adopt. 

But the monthly disappointment when you realize that you are still not pregnant can become too much to take.   

And it is hard to bounce back month after month from that kind of disappointment. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine published a study called "Worrying Doesn't Help Matters."

The study looked at the effects of stress and worry on women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF). Women who were worrying about different aspects of the conception process had fewer eggs and were less likely to conceive than women who weren't as worried.

So doctors tell you to try relaxation techniques. But how can you truly relax when this issue is all that you are thinking about? This is when you may consider Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), a drug-free, completely non-invasive process that will help you resolve the stress and worry associated with your conception problems. The basics of EFT can be learned by anyone and can be self-applied (usually in minutes).

EFT Eases the Stress Associated With Trying to Conceive a Baby

EFT targets any unresolved negative emotions that are contributing to your stress and worry. It also balances your subtle energy system by incorporating the principles of acupuncture. While you are tuned into your worries, you simply use your fingertips to tap on specific acupuncture points.

Your subtle energy system becomes balanced and your worries and concerns dissipate. You can finally relax ... and perhaps conceive. This easy-to-administer technique has been shown to be effective about 80 percent of the time.

In my own EFT practice, I was working with a woman to help her clear some childhood traumas. In the process she mentioned, as an aside, that she and her partner were trying to conceive and after several years, were starting to consider adoption or fertility treatments. During each appointment, we addressed her emotional response to childhood traumas but did not directly address the difficulty she was having with conceiving.

During her last appointment, feeling that she was free of the issues she was addressing, she mentioned that she had to hurry home ... she was ovulating. The next I heard from her, she was pregnant, having conceived on that same day.

Perhaps it was a coincidence, but this kind of thing happens too often with EFT to dismiss it as being unrelated. To me, it is a classic EFT case of resolving emotional issues and watching physical issues (in this case infertility) improve.

The following case study should add more to your understanding.

Medical Technician Becomes Pregnant After
Using EFT to Overcome her own Infertility Issues 

You can read the entire case on the EFT Web site

Mair Llewellyn-Edwards, an EFT practitioner in the United Kingdom, was approached by Felicity (whose name has been changed to protect privacy), who worked as a medical technician in a fertility clinic. Felicity initially contacted Mair to inquire about ways that EFT might be useful for her patients to help them overcome their anxiety and worry associated with in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Felicity indicated that her patients often experienced fear and tension during the fertilization process, thus decreasing their chances of conceiving. Felicity loved her job and working with the women but she came to realize that she experienced many of the same fears as her patients. She believed that her own fear and tension was at the root of her own inability to conceive.

Felicity and her husband had been trying to conceive for the previous five years, and she finally made a connection to trauma associated with her previous experience during labor and birth. At that time, the medical staff went into a panic during her labor and, as a result, Felicity became tense and fearful. She was somehow still stuck in this fear and was having difficulty getting past it.

Although Felicity intuitively knew that her past fear was the problem associated with her current inability to conceive, she did not have the tools to deal with it. EFT was the tool that Mair introduced to Felicity and they began working immediately.

They focused on Felicity's fear and panic associated with her first birth and on her being "terrified of giving birth again." Felicity's anxiety and distress level diminished considerably and she no longer felt any anxiety when she imagined herself giving birth again.

EFT Client Says she Would not Have Relaxed Enough
to Become Pregnant Without EFT

Mair also did EFT with Felicity on a number of emotional topics, like the monthly worried and depressed feelings that she had when her periods appeared. They also did EFT on the issue of lovemaking becoming a mechanical means to an end.

Finally Felicity finished her EFT sessions in high spirits and committed to doing EFT regularly when she felt sadness and other negative emotions associated with trying to conceive.

Eighteen months later, Felicity announced that she had become pregnant naturally and was feeling calm and happy about the upcoming birth. Felicity reported that "she was consistently using EFT and openly proclaimed that she was sure without the help of EFT she would not have relaxed enough to become pregnant."

More on EFT

Please note that in addition to eliminating anxiety and tension associated with conception, EFT has been a consistently effective healing tool for hundreds of other physical, mental and emotional ailments. For more information, you can explore the EFT Web site and its numerous success stories regarding fears, phobias, emotional traumas and physical ailments.

While a complete description of EFT is beyond the scope of this article, you can learn all the basics from the free EFT Get Started Package on the EFT Web site. This includes a free download of the 79-page EFT Manual. Those wishing to save time and dive right in can get the affordable five-star training DVDs.

Please consult qualified health professionals before putting EFT into practice for yourself or others. 

Christine Wheeler is an EFT practitioner and freelance natural health writer. Christine and Dr. Carolyn Dean co-authored IBS for Dummies (Wiley Publishing) where they present EFT as one of the natural treatments options for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.





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