Amazing Photo From Hubble Telescope of the Orion Nebula

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January 28, 2006 | 4,813 views

This awesome image, taken by the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) on board NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, is the sharpest image taken of the Orion Nebula. More than 3,000 stars appear in this image.

You may not be able to see all those stars on this small image, however, unless you attempt to download either of two huge full resolution images, measuring 18,000 X 18,000 pixels. One warning: This picture is so detailed and large you may not be able to view it on your current monitor.

I just ordered the new Dell 30-inch monitor with a nVidia quad 4 video card, so hopefully I will be able to view the nebula when it comes in.


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