The Real Reason America is So Fat

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February 09, 2006 | 7,916 views

By Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a Master Energy Therapist and the author of the best-selling book, Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century.

Expert Says Many of Us Secretly Like Those 'Unwanted Pounds'

Do you ...

What's the real reason we find it so hard to lose weight? Surprisingly, it may not be a physical problem or a lack of willpower. Instead, it might be that we have long-held and often hidden beliefs that cause us to subconsciously need to be fat.

Carol Tuttle is an energy therapist who has helped thousands of people just like you overcome the emotional issues that keep us fat. 

Tuttle shares that one of the number one fears that sabotages diets is our fear of being deprived. "As children we had to go without a lot of our needs being met and we felt deprived. We come from ancestors that have experienced real deprivation in their lives and that is hard-wired into our bodies." 

When we tell our body that we are going to limit and deprive it of certain foods, our body will go into a reversal and actually demand more food and suddenly that is all we can think about.

Our cravings will heighten and our feelings of deprivation will increase. Tuttle shares, "We start the day really clear and committed to our diet, and by the evening we blow it due to these gnawing emotions." 

In Tuttle's Clearing the Issues that are Keeping You Fat audio seminar she explains how to overcome limiting beliefs and anxiety that get in the way of your weight-loss goals. Tuttle helps you clear the real obstacles so you can embark on a program that really works, once and for all.

Learn powerful healing techniques to release the emotional issues that are keeping you from losing the weight you want on Carol's best-selling Audio CD Clearing the Issues that are Keeping You Fat. Just click on the title to review this product and all of Carol's life-changing books, CDs and DVDs that are highly recommended by Dr. Mercola.

Earlier this year I had an opportunity to attend a three-day Internet seminar with Carol and had a chance to get to know her. Although I enjoyed the seminar, the highlight was the opportunity to get to know Carol.

Without a doubt, energy psychology is one of the greatest tools I have ever encountered in the healing modalities and EFT is an amazing application of this discipline. Carol happens to be one of the most gifted EFT clinicians I know of.

If you want to apply some of the principles Carol discusses in the above article and learn powerful healing techniques to release the emotional issues that are keeping you from living a more fulfilling life, you will want to pick up Carol's best-selling Audio CD Clearing the Issues that are Keeping You Fat. You can also review Carol's other life-changing books, CDs and DVDs that I highly recommended.

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