It's Official: Non-Stick Cookware Chemical is a ''Likely'' Carcinogen

The EPA has already urged companies to voluntarily ban their use of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) -- a chemical used in making non-stick cookware.

An independent scientific review panel advising the EPA took it a step further, ruling non-stick and stain-resistant chemicals are "likely" carcinogens.

Cancer, Hormones, Immune and Nervous Systems

The panel's findings went beyond the EPA's current stance in two other major areas:

  • Future risk assessments involving PFOA should include its contribution to various cancers (such as liver, pancreatic, testicular and breast).
  • PFOA's effect on hormones as well as the immune and nervous systems must also be included in any risk assessment

"Just Good Science"

The upshot of the panel's final recommendations, according to the Environmental Working Group, was that far more stringent reporting was inarguably necessary and "just good science." It's very rare for the EPA to overturn a review by an advisory board.



Dr. Mercola's Comments:


Of course, the manufacturer of the leading non-stick brand objects to the report, seeing nothing wrong with the EPA's for-right-now stance that PFOA poses no cancer risk to humans, and that reducing its use should remain voluntary. As you probably know, this is the same company that brought you silicon breast implants.

They are no defender of or crusader for your health.

As I said not long ago, regardless of what the EPA rules, I urge you to take matters into your own hands by enacting a personal ban on cookware and paper products tainted with PFOA.

The first step is to toss out every pan in your house that has non-stick coating on it. The moment you heat the pan starts to vaporize and toxic chemicals will vaporize and can make their way into your bloodstream. I know it is hard to believe, but it is true.

It took me a few years to become convinced, but once you are you have no logical choice but to throw those pans out and never buy another one. 

Many have asked me about alternatives to non-stick cookware. Some have pointed out a non-stick, ceramic-coated titanium. I thought it looked intriguing, and on my recent trip to Costco I found this product. I honestly thought it might have been
the same new titanium nanotechnology that allows windows to clean themselves.

The salesman was absolutely clueless about the chemicals in the pan, but so was the company when I called them up. I finally was able to get the name of the manufacturer of the coating and once I called them I confirmed that the coating on the pan was indeed not the same used by the leading non-stick cookware brand.

However, it was still a fluoride analog that was virtually identical to it. The only advantage of this product is that the ceramic prevents the finish from chipping as easily.

Lesson learned?

You simply MUST throw these non-stick pots and pans away. Do not leave them in your home or you will be tempted to use them. Please believe me; I am absolutely convinced they are very dangerous and you should not be exchanging the convenience for the health damage.

And for completely safe cooking, it is also important to use a stable oil like coconut oil -- vegetable oils are easily damaged by the heat -- and not overcook your food.




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