The Number One Issue that Keeps Most People Poor!

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March 02, 2006 | 5,593 views

By Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a Master Energy Therapist and the author of the best-selling book, Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century.

Believe it or not, your level of confidence is the number one issue you are not making more money.  Your self-worth and level of personal confidence is reflected in your bank account.  Deep down you just don't believe you are worth more. 

If you are lacking confidence and would like more the first step is to forgive yourself for believing you fall short and are not enough of what you want to be.

A good way to release the self-imposed judgment and forgive yourself is to make your right hand into a fist and rub it in a clockwise direction over your heart while repeating the statement:  "I forgive myself for believing I do not have enough confidence, I am doing the best I can."  Rubbing your hand on your heart clears away the sadness or frustration you might be feeling.

In order to make a weakness a strength we have to start where we are and a good way to start is to play the "act as if" game.

To play the "act as if" game you do exactly that, act as if you have the confidence.  Here are some steps to help you:

1.  Tell yourself, "I am a confident person, I feel comfortable in many different situations."  I am statements create what you want to become.  Don't wait until you "feel" confident to think you can "be" confident.

It all starts with a thought.  As you choose to believe "I am confident" the feelings of confidence begin to awaken and become you.  "I am" are two of the most powerful words in our vocabulary.  When we say "I am," we are creating our present reality.  ("Remembering Wholeness, pg 39).

2.  Put a smile on your face.  People who smile always look more confident.

3.  Pull your shoulders back and pull yourself up.  Your body language says a lot about how confident you are.

4.  If you are uncomfortable sharing your thoughts and ideas because you fear that you might say something that will embarrass you, choose to talk less and listen more until you increase your confidence.  In most people situations there are more people who want to talk and fewer who want to listen.

Listen to others with confidence.  Look in the eyes of the person who is speaking to you and validate them with brief positive comments about what they are sharing.  As your feelings of confidence grow you will feel more secure in sharing your own thoughts and ideas.

Decide right now that you are worth more.  More love, more support, more money, more good health, more happiness, and definitely more confidence.

You think over 60,000 thoughts in one day.  Training your mind to be a confident mind is a major step in your increase in self-confidence.

Learning how to think affirmatively and speak in the affirmative will seed your confidence to continue to blossom.  In my audio CD Affirmations to Change Your Life NOW! you will learn the language of a self-confident person. 

Carol Tuttle is an energy psychologist, best-selling author, and very successful speaker.  She has appeared on hundreds of radio shows and many television appearances.  She and her husband, Jon, reside in Salt Lake City, UT and utilize these energy clearing techniques in their everyday lives with their 5 children.

Carol's book, Remembering Wholeness and her other products are available on her website.  In addition she has launched The Carol Tuttle Healing Center, an interactive website utilizing these techniques for clearing literally hundreds of issues.

Last year I had an opportunity to attend a three day Internet seminar with Carol and had a chance to get to know her. Although I enjoyed the seminar, the highlight was the opportunity to get to know Carol.

Without a doubt energy psychology is one of the greatest tools I have ever encountered in the healing modalities and EFT is an amazing application of this discipline. Carol happens to be one of the most gifted EFT clinicians I know of.

If you want to apply some of the principles Carol discusses in the above article and learn powerful healing techniques to release the emotional issues that are keeping you from living a more fulfilling life, you will want to pick up Carol's audio CD Affirmations to Change Your Life NOW! You can also review Carol's other life changing books, CDs and DVDs that I highly recommended.

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