How to Feel up When Life is Getting You Down

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March 16, 2006 | 7,719 views

By Carol Tuttle, Master Energy Therapist and the author of the best-selling book, Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century.

With about 19 million Americans suffering from depression, and with prescriptions for drugs to treat the disorder having doubled over the last 10 years alone, the problem is only growing without real healthy answers from the medical community. The reason is that most people don't have the first clue about what's really giving us the blues.  

Why do most people go through life never identifying the true source of their feelings?

As children, we were not encouraged to share our feelings, we were told to put on a happy face and ignore how we really felt. 

These unacknowledged, buried emotions are feelings within us that are very much alive and active.  They are the cause of many diseases and disharmonies in the body. 

What are the three things anyone can do today to help lift their mood?

First, acknowledge that you feel blue or down.  Place your hand on your chest, this is a major energy center called your heart chakra, and repeat the following three times, "even though I feel down and blue I deeply love and accept myself." 

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Accepting yourself in this downer state is powerfully healing.  It will honor your feelings and in that honoring allow the emotional energy to begin to release.

Second, once you have acknowledged how you feel, take some time to write out how you might have felt as a child.  The following is an easy and effective technique to help you get to those deeper feelings.

A Letter to Yourself:  Take your dominant hand and write a letter to your younger self that never got to share their feelings honestly.  At the top of a piece of paper write "Dear Little (your name goes here),"  for example if I were writing to me I would write "Dear Little Carol." 

On the next line write an invitation to your younger self to share their feelings, for example, "Tell me how you are feeling, what was it like to be you?"

Now take your pen or pencil and place it in your non-dominant hand and write "Dear Big (your name goes here),"  and start writing and see what comes out.

Writing with your non-dominant hand mimics a child's handwriting and taps into your deeper mind where the emotions are hiding.

Write back to your younger self with statements of acceptance and validation, honoring that is how you might have felt as a child.

Third, forgive yourself and others for how you feel.  Do this by placing your hand on your chest (your heart chakra again) while repeating statements like:

"I forgive myself for feeling down and blue, I am doing the best I know how."

"I forgive my younger self for feeling powerless and unheard, they were doing the best they knew how."

"I forgive my mom and dad, they did the best they knew how with the knowledge and resources they had."

Forgiveness is an important step in releasing downer feelings.  Even if you are not ready to completely feel forgiveness, doing this process plants seeds that propel you towards more wellness and happiness.

Tell yourself you are feeling better and better each day and you probably will.

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