Cordless Phones Increase Your Brain Cancer Risks

The base stations of some home-use cordless phones emit twice as much radiation as cell phone masts. And, unlike cell phones, cordless phone base stations emit radiation even when they are not in use.

This means that some cordless phones could be a brain tumor risk.

The British Health Protection Agency has also admitted that there is an increased association between acoustic neuromas -- a type of ear tumor that can cause deafness -- and electromagnetic fields of the type emitted by these telephones. A study has shown that the risk of cordless phone users developing acoustic neuromas doubles over the course of a decade.

The environmental group Powerwatch has recommended that cordless phone users switch to a different type of phone.


Dr. Mercola's Comments:

Cell phones aren't the only types of phones that are hazardous to your health. Your home cordless phones can be even more dangerous than your cell phone.

As for cell phones themselves, because of the known effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), I used to discourage their use entirely. Then, with the advent of headsets, my once stringent recommendations relaxed a little, as headsets do help to decrease your EMF exposure.

However, one of the hottest new gadgets, Bluetooth headsets that allow you to talk wirelessly to your cell phone, may be the worst of the bunch.

Because the headsets are so new there are no studies on them yet. However, we have done some preliminary EMF measurements and found them to have some serious concerns. When in use they measure over 100 milligauss. Acceptable ranges should be 3 or less.

What makes these even worse, however, is that this radiation is essentially in the middle of your head as many of these headsets are inserted deeply in your ear canal.

So a non-Bluetooth headset is preferred but even here you need to be cautious. While hands-free devices have been found to reduce radiation from cell phones, emissions can still travel up the headset wire and into your head.

It is important to know that virtually every headset out there may actually increase the radiation exposure to your brain by serving as an antenna. If you or your children use a cell phone it is vital that you protect them with simple and inexpensive new technology that can transform your dangerous headset into an oasis safe from dangerous cell phone radiation.

So please, please, please, protect your family from this potentially dangerous radiation:

  • Your best bet is to get a speakerphone and use it, as the radiation risk is virtually zero.
  • Alternatively you could use one of these safe headsets that allows you to talk with virtually no radiation exposure as long as you keep the phone away from your body.



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