Cell Phone Users 240 Percent More Likely to Have Brain Tumors

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April 20, 2006 | 26,331 views

A new Swedish study indicates that mobile phone use can raise the risk of brain tumors. In the study, 2,200 cancer patients, and an equal number of healthy control cases, were examined for mobile phone use.

Among the cancer patients, about a tenth of the nearly 1,000 with malignant brain tumors were also heavy mobile phone users.

Heavy use was defined as 2,000 or more hours, or about 10 years' use at an hour per day.

Brain cancer patients also showed a significant increase in risk of tumor for the side of the head where they generally used the mobile phone. The researchers who conducted the study said that the figures demonstrate a 240 percent increased risk of a malignant tumor on that side of the head.




Still skeptical about the dangers of  using your cell phone? You may want to reconsider, based on the finding of this latest study.

I have run many articles detailing the studies that expose how cell phones can wreak havoc on your brain by exposing it to harmful radiation. In addition to this Swedish study, I would also encourage you to review an article that was published in Lancet several years ago. You can review my extensive summary of that article or you can go to the journal directly and obtain the information.

Do you really want an acoustic neuroma (tumor) growing inside your head? If you are fortunate enough to avoid nervous system malignancies then how will you contend with the cellular damage these mobile phones cause?

I previously advised complete abstinence from cell phones, but now I recommend cautious use to reduce your risk of damage. If you ever took physics there is a good chance that you understand that radiation decreases exponentially as you move away from an object.

So one of the best solutions you can do is to put distance between yourself and the cell phone with a speaker phone or a hands-free device. This was also the advice given by the Swedish researchers.

Without a doubt I would highly advise purchasing a cell phone with the speaker feature and use it as much as possible. Some people prefer more privacy and for those circumstances you will want to consider using a headset.

To my utter dismay, though, very few people believe this, including my own staff.

How do I know? I frequently see many people that are fanatic about health and pay careful attention to their diets but never use headsets. Folks, you would be surprised to know, but this includes not only most of my staff but also many of the top health experts across the country.

The problem is that this radiation is unseen and therefore assumed to be harmless. Many believe that this is still unproven.

To me this is living in denial just as many smokers did prior to the overwhelming convincing evidence that smoking does indeed cause cancer. CNet recently ran a story on the amazing parrallels between the cell phone and tobacco industries.

So the first step in protecting yourself is to put some distance between you and the headset. Any headset is better than no headset, so if you have one use it.

I have examined this issue, though, and many experts are concerned that the radiation will travel down the headset wire to your head. If you use a cell phone at all, I would highly recommend the one we found that has an air tube to prevent the radiation from traveling to your brain. 

This is the one I use ALL the time. I simply do NOT talk on my phone without it. Many have seen me use my cell but no one has seen me talking on it without this headset. I also attach a ferrite bead that further reduces this problem.

The next step is to attempt to minimize your use.

Last, but certainly not least: It isn't the brightest idea in the world to talk on your cell phone and drive. A 1997 New England Journal of Medicine study showed that talking on your cell phone while driving increases your risk of death by 400 percent.

Since car accidents are the number one cause of death for most of us, why risk it?

Please understand this statistic is unrelated to having a hands-free operation; however, in my opinion, even if you aren't dialing, you are at risk because your focus and concentration is not on the road but on the phone.

After all, you need to be careful out there and protect yourself from all the temporarily unconscious people who refuse to heed the warning about driving and talking on their cell phone. I'm not aware of any studies on this, but I bet there are a large number of accidents in which both parties were talking on their cell phones.




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