The Hidden Agenda Behind the Bird Flu Hoax

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May 11, 2006 | 14,233 views

A plan to quarantine sick airline and ship passengers in order to combat a potential bird flu outbreak has outraged health experts, airlines, and civil libertarians.

Three-Day Quarantine

Sick passengers would be identified by flight attendants, pilots and cruise ship crews. Passengers identified as sick could be detained in quarantine for as long as three days.

Detailed Information

The proposed rules would also require airlines to collect detailed contact information from their passengers, including the names of any traveling companions and precise information regarding travel plans. The information would be stored for at least two months, and would be provided to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) at any time the government asked for it.



If this news concerns you, believe me, you're not alone. Many health experts,as well as airline personnel and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU),feel the same way about the various provisions of this plan.

The ACLU argues that the plan basically gives the government a free passto detain whomever it wants to. The airline industry is balking at the $100-million-pluscost of creating and maintaining the huge passenger information database required.

Georgina Graham, head of global security for the International Air TransportAssociation, also pointed out that it's ludicrous to give the job of identifyingsick people to flight crews who have no medical training.

It's starting to look like there's a hidden agenda behind the manufacturedavian flu scare that goes far beyond pushing needlessand potentially harmfuldrugs that don't work anyway. I guess if you can'tfrighten people with a flu epidemic thatnever happened, you can limit the rights of travelersand collect private information anyway for the sake of nothing.

The U.S. government is warning that a new avian super-flu could kill nearly two million Americans -- or if we're "lucky" just 200,000.

Mainstream media is parroting the paranoia, routinely spotlighting the relative few deaths attributed to the virus elsewhere in the world while staying calm to silent about the 2.8 million deaths yearly from AIDS worldwide and the 300,000 deaths yearly in the U.S. alone from obesity.

But there is no coming bird flu pandemic.

It is a big lie being fed by the government and big business for reasons that ironically pose a much more serious threat to your health ... reasons you will learn all about in my brand new book The Great Bird Flu Hoax that is now available to you with 14 FREE instant bonus gifts and a very special low price...

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Sad but true.

The entire bird flu scare is one of the most blatant hoaxes of recent times,and the popular media continues to reinforce the baseless story. You've beenhearing about it for months and months now, and what's come of it? Next to nothing.

And nothing ever will, except possibly you losing more of your hard-earnedfreedoms.

We have been warned that anywhere from 200,000(at best!) to 2 million people at worst will die from thebird flu. The bird flu epidemic hoax reminds me just how uncommon "commonsense" is. Folks, where is the sound basic science here?

How do they make the giant leap of faith that the very few deaths so farworldwide will translate to 2 million or even 200,000 deaths from a virus thatdoes NOT readily spread from birds to humans, or humans to humans?

Most of the people who have acquired this infection were bird handlers whowere in continuous contact with these sick birds. Does anyone in their rightmind envision similar circumstances in the United States?

Research like this would typically be thrown in the trash if it did notstrongly support some ulterior purpose.

What might the purpose of these scare tactics be, you ask?

Kickbacks to drug companies is one reason. Their drugs don'twork, but the massive windfall from government contracts to helpthe United States "prepare" against avian flu has helped their bottomlines nicely, not to mention the profits of their alliesin the government.

And the above article points toward a second, and possibly even more sinister,reason to keep us all afraid.

If you are still losing sleep over the impending bird flu epidemic - I urgeyou to read my new book, TheGreat Bird Flu Hoax: The Truth They Don't Want You to Know About the "NextBig Pandemic". This book explains in a clear and compelling mannerthe real science that proves this is indeed the biggest ruse of our time.

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