The Avalanche of Drug Lawsuits Continues

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May 11, 2006 | 6,477 views

Even while Merck is still dealing with roughly 11,500 lawsuits over the painkiller Vioxx, other companies are bracing for lawsuits over a number of other widely used medications.

These drugs have combined annual sales of nearly $7 billion. They are used by millions of patients.

Stroke, Breast Cancer, Jaw Decay

Fosamax has been linked with severe jaw decay. Seroquel causes weight gain, Ortho-Evra has been associated with stroke-causing blood clots, and Prempro may cause an increased risk of breast cancer.

Concealing the Effects

The lawsuits are making it difficult for drug companies to rebuild their image in a time of public outrage over high drug prices and hidden side effects. The lawsuits allege that the various drug makers concealed side effects and marketed their medicines deceptively.

The first lawsuit over Prempro is expected to come to trial this summer. Johnson & Johnson has already begun to settle some Ortho-Evra cases.

With all the news about the Vioxx lawsuits recently, you may have been wondering if all the attention Merck's been drawing has made the going any easier for other drugmakers victimizing patients with lesser-known, but just as toxic, drugs to market.

But I'm glad to report drugmakers and their largely dangerous band-aids aren't escaping anyone's scrutiny anymore.

I already told you about the Fosamax trials. Now, many more drugs are being taken to task for their harmful or deadly side effects.

Surprisingly, all of the drugs mentioned in the article are still being sold, despite causing problems ranging from severe jaw decay to breast cancer and stroke.


Because drug companies have almost unlimited financial resources, and they're betting on escaping severe damage because decisions are made by juries who may not understand all the scientific evidence presented to them.

Another part of the problem is the massive mind control through their effective media campaigns that allow them to influence significant amounts of the population. Their nearly unlimited control of the media allows them to convince most people that: 

So hopefully this newsletter is serving as a powerful resource to alert you to the deceptions and scams that the system is constantly exposing you to.

Stay tuned, as this Web site is undergoing a radical transformation in the next few months that will actually allow you to actively participate and have a powerful influence on how the health care system works.

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