Consider the Source When Seeking Advice, Especially From Splenda

A recent study showed that if children consume fewer calories per day, and walk an additional 2,000 steps, it could help them prevent weight gain.

However, the study was funded by McNeil Nutritionals, the manufacturers of the sugar substitute Splenda, and those study participants who were on a calorie-reduction program used Splenda.

The study was touted as showing the beneficial effects of calorie reduction, and the participants using Splenda and exercise controlled their weight better than those simply asked to monitor their usual levels of diet and exercise. However, neither group experienced any great changes in weight or fitness.

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

In case you haven't realized it by now, many corporations use very powerful mind control techniques to influence your purchase choices.

With the case of manufacturers of artificial sweeteners, this is clearly the case. One of the worst artificial sweeteners is aspartame though and that was developed by Monsanto.

I watched an amazing video about just how truly evil Monsanto is. The video is called The Future of Food. The title is not very good but the two hour documentary is phenomenal. I have written about many of the topics in the movie but it really put it all together very nicely.

This movie was SO powerful that I actually am making this the topic of my next book after Sweet Deception this fall. There is simply no way these companies shoudl be able to get away with destroying the future of our planet so they can profit.

What Monsanto is currently doing makes the Vioxx scandal look like a dime store crime. They are evil of the highest magnitude and need to be stopped and I am going to do my best by highlight all the attention on their despicable behavior.

But getting back to Splenda, last year, I warned you about one of the more deceptive tools in McNeil Nutritionals' (US Splenda producer) arsenal to promote Splenda: Funding national fitness projects and school bake sales that superficially combat the growing obesity epidemic while promoting their anything but natural product.

McNeil is at it again, funding a childhood obesity study of their own. Sad to say, the "wonders of Splenda" were on display here, as study participants were encouraged to use it. However, this simple regimen didn't prevent kids from putting on all of their excessive weight either.

If you're looking for safer ways to fight childhood obesity in your home, there are far safer and better ways to do it than eating processed foods chock full of sucralose.

A few of them:

I will not hold anything back in my book in Sweet Deception but let me tell you that 100% of the studies funded by the manufacturer done on aspartame showed side effects while 91% of independent studies showed problems.

There are about 200 studies done on Splenda and most are not even published. Only a few of them are available from the FDA reading room. Well, folks 98% of the studies done on sucralose were paid for by the manufacturer.

But even if you believe the non-independent studies. Splenda has never been studied for more than six months in any human trial and even those ONLY looked at blood sugar control.

Hundreds of millions of people are serving as human guinea pigs for Tate & Lyle. But believe, as alarming as this information, is it is only the tiny tip of the iceberg.


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