10 Ways to 'Spring Clean' Your Marriage

By Carol Tuttle, MRET

Carol Tuttle is a Master Energy Therapist and the author of the best-selling book, Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century

If you give your marriage no attention, you will hardly have a marriage. If you give your marriage mediocre attention, you will have a mediocre marriage. If you make it a priority and give it regular, positive attention, it will thrive. Maybe it is time to "spring clean" your marriage. To bring a fresh new energy to your marriage try doing all or some of the following:

1.  Make a commitment to go on a "date-night" once a week. Spending time alone together on a regular basis will rejuvenate your marriage

2.   Tell your spouse all the wonderful things you wish they would say to you.

3.  Create a new script for them by writing in detail what you believe your ideal companion would be like. Live by that script yourself.

4.   Ask each other what one thing you say or do that hurts them deeply. Choose never to say or do it again.

5.  Stop talking about what's not working or what you don't want. Start talking about what's working and what you want more of.

6.  Choose to say only positive things to others about your spouse.

7.  If you find you create conflict at the same time or place in your home, start clearing the patterns by noticing it and stopping it. For example, if you always fight about money in the evening in the bedroom, agree not to recreate that again. Talk about money Saturday morning as you go for a walk together. Set an intention. It will be a harmonious, successful experience.

8. For husbands, offer to take the kids for a few hours next Saturday, and give your wife a gift certificate to her favorite place to be pampered.

9. For wives, take your sexual experience off your to-do list. In my therapy practice I have worked with many wives who feel having sex with their husband is a chore and just one more thing "to-do" like making dinner, or bathing the kids, etc. If you choose to participate in sex, do it first for yourself and choose to really enjoy it. You will offer more to your husband in a positive experience with this fresh mindset.

10.   Play together often. Take a trip for just the two of you once a year.

Many people who have been married several years begin to take their marriage and their spouse for granted. Bad habits and lazy attitudes that would have never been acted out in their courtship days have taken over.

How fresh and vital is your marriage? 

How much respect, tenderness, and unconditional love do you exemplify toward your spouse daily? Marriage is a sacred relationship that demands constant attention on our part in order to thrive. 

Marriage is our modern-day temple, which we enter into to bring up all of our issues so we can be purified and return to a state of wholeness. Add to the beauty and reverence of your marriage by treating yourself and your spouse as someone special that you humbly revere and adore, because that is who you both truly are. Sanctify your marriage with God's help and it can be one of your greatest treasures on earth.

Carol Tuttle is an energy psychologist, best-selling author, and very successful speaker. She has appeared on hundreds of radio shows and made many television appearances. She and her husband, Jon, reside in Salt Lake City, UT and utilize energy-clearing techniques in their everyday lives with their five children. Purchase a copy of Carol's best-selling audio seminar Marital Bliss and receive a FREE copy of her popular e-book 20 Tips for Husbands and Wives to Enhance and Save Their Marriage.

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