Bausch and Lomb Recalls Toxic Contact Lens Cleaner

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May 30, 2006 | 8,906 views

Bausch & Lomb has withdrawn the contact lens cleanser ReNu with MoistureLoc from the market. The cleanser is considered to be the "potential root cause" of the widespread outbreak of Fusarium keratitis, a fungal eye infection that can cause blindness.

Extensive federal inspections of Bausch & Lomb's factory have found no evidence of contamination, leading some to speculate that Alexidine, a disinfectant traditionally used in mouthwashes that was recently added to the MoistureLoc recipe, may be responsible for the outbreak.

In some circumstances, its fungicidal properties may deteriorate, allowing fungal growth to occur.

There have been 122 confirmed cases of Fusarium keratitis in the United States and more overseas; most of the cases have been contact lens wearers who use MoistureLoc. About 2.3 million Americans used MoistureLoc.

While contacts seem relatively benign, they certainly are not natural and we were never designed to wear them. So it is not surprising to me that something like this could occur.

So, in addition to the daily hassles of wearing contact lenses -- and the costs that in just a few years typically adds up to thousands of dollars (including the replacement contacts, solutions, check-ups, etc.) -- now you have to worry about the solution you are using causing major health issues, too?

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