Want to Live Longer? Make Sure Your Mom is Less Than 25 Years Older Than You

Those who live to be 100 years and older are more likely to have had young mothers, according to research from the University of Chicago's Center on Aging.

A mother's age when she gives birth has a large impact on the future lifespan of her child, the study found. Researchers reviewed census data, social security administration database and genealogical records and identified 198 U.S. centenarians born from 1890 to 1893.

Results showed that children born to mothers under the age of 25 have nearly double the chance of living to be 100 than those born to older mothers. The father's age did not appear to have an impact.

Other factors that also appear to affect longevity include growing up in the Western United States, growing up on a farm and being a first-born child. However, the researchers said mother's age appears to be more important for longevity than any other factor.

The findings could have major implications, as an increasing number of women are putting of childbirth until later ages in favor of career or other pursuits.


Dr. Mercola's Comments:

The primary reason that I went to medical school was to understand health and wellness better so I could teach it to others. This was in stark contrast to every other student in my class whose primary focus was to treat disease. 

You see, I was a radical even in medical school for I believed that if you gave your body what it needed and removed it from toxic influences it was more than capable of self-repair.

Unfortunately, I got brainwashed in school by the drug model. This was partially facilitated by my being a pharmacy apprentice for seven years during high school and college, which really warped my perspective.

However, I finally woke up in the early '90s and got back on track.

Living past 100 is a goal for many and there is an entire field that has popped up that focuses on anti-aging medicine. I have been a speaker at a number of these anti-aging conferences and disagree with much of their current approach as it is still very allopathically oriented. Their primary focus is on sophisticated measurements of hormones and supplementing them back in.

While I believe this can be useful, it is my strategy to address the factors that accelerate aging. The primary ones are elevated insulin levels and emotional challenges, which impair adrenal function and cause the original hormone imbalance.

I did find this article's conclusion interesting and personally encouraging, as a child born by a mother under age 25 is close to twice as likely to live beyond his or her 100th birthday.


Well my mom had me when she was a youngster of 19.

Although no specific reasons have been pinpointed as to why a mother's age matters, researchers believe it could be better health or the quality of eggs being the best in younger women.

Among the most powerful predictors of a long life are maintaining a healthy weight, high activity level and sunnier, optimistic disposition, and you have all the free tools on my Web site to help you do just that.

Some tips to get you going:



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