Why Unprotected Cellular Phone Use ''Excites'' Your Brain

Electromagnetic fields emitted from cell phones excite the brain cortex nearest to the phone, Italian researchers found. It is not known whether this effect is harmful to the brain.

The researchers used Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to monitor brain function of 15 young men using a GSM 900 cell phone for 45 minutes. Twelve of the volunteers showed excitability in the motor cortex cells -- the outer layer of the brain -- adjacent to the cell phone. Their brains returned to normal about an hour after cell phone use was stopped.

More than 500 million people use a cell phone that emits electromagnetic fields, called a Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) radio phone.

Previous studies on the effects of cell phones on the brain, and whether there is a link to cancer, have had varying results. The researchers said their study did not show that using a cell phone was harmful, although people with certain conditions linked to brain cell excitability, such as epilepsy, may be affected.


Dr. Mercola's Comments:

This year three-quarters of a billion NEW cell phones will be sold. Nearly every adult in a modern country seems to own one, so the issue of whether or not they contribute to brain damage or cancer is quite significant, as the majority of the population could be harmed.

The current study has strong implications that cell phone use will increase risk of seizures. While this is certainly not a life threatening or terminal scenario, the obvious concern is that if it changes your brain enough to decrease seizure thresholds, what other long-term effects might be occurring?

Media headlines seem to jump back and forth between reporting on the dangers of cell phones and then on their safety. This is an issue that you would be well served in carefully researching. You might consider starting with the best extensive review done in a full-text article published in the British journal The Lancet.

When you are researching this topic you might want to consider our recent experience with a similar health issue, smoking. Most everyone reading this is not old enough to remember the JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) ads that showed physicians smoking and describing all the health benefits of smoking.

This actually happened in the 1920s and appeared in one of the most widely distributed medical journals.

Nearly 100 years later, after science has had time to document the destructive effects of tobacco, these ads look absolutely ridiculous. I suspect many "experts" voicing denial of cell phone radiation damage are similarily in denial and don't want to face the reality that they may need to reduce their cell phone radiation exposure.

So, it is my projection that not too far down the road many of the expert articles you have read defending how safe cell phone use is will be viewed as ridiculous as the 1920 JAMA cigarette ads are viewed today..

If this sounds foolish, remember I am the person that first publicly predicted in 1999 that Vioxx would be removed from the market because of killing people from cardiovascular side effects. FIVE YEARS, and 55,000 deaths later, they removed it from the market. From my seat the evidence is even stronger on cell phones.

So heed the warning now or heed it later. The only thing I am earning on this strong recommendation is the satisfaction of knowing I was able to prevent unnecessary misery, suffering and grief.

Because of these issues, along with other known effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), I used to discourage cell phone use entirely. Then, with the advent of headsets, my once stringent recommendations relaxed a little, as headsets do help to decrease your EMF exposure. However, while using a hands-free device has been found to reduce radiation from cell phones, emissions can still travel up the headset wire and into your head.

Many of you rely on your cell phone as an essential part of your life so not using a cell phone is not even a remote possibility. But it would seem prudent to restrict the use of cell phones in your kids. If you are unable to do that I can't urge you enough to either use your cell on speakerphone or get a SAFE headset.

It is important to know that virtually every headset out there may actually increase the radiation exposure to your brain by serving as an antenna. If you or your children use a cell phone it is vital that you protect them with simple and inexpensive new technology that can transform your dangerous headset into an oasis safe from dangerous cell phone radiation.

There are many solutions to avoid cell phone radiation. I must have seen dozens of items you put on your cell phone that somehow "magically" prevent the radiation from harming you. While these may work, I am skeptical and personally don't rely on them to avoid the radiation.

Ideally it would be best to use the speaker phone on your cell and to not hold the phone. This is my first option. But there are plenty of times when this just isn't practical. Personally, in those cases I have found that a combination of ferrite beads and a special air tube headset provide me with a comfortable protection. I refuse to talk on a cell phone without them as there is no way I am exposing my brain to this radiation.



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