Power of the Mind and Rheumatoid Arthritis

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October 12, 2006 | 7,968 views

I have treated over 3,000 patients with rheumatoid arthritis over the past 20 years and we typically have a very high success rate.

It has been my experience that virtually everyone I have seen with RA has some unresolved emotional challenge that occurred to them at a very young age, typically less than 5 years old.

Most of the time they don't even remember the event or are in denial. I thought a case we saw recently would help illustrate how powerful EFT can be in resolving these types of problems.

At our Optimal Wellness Center, one of our EFT therapists recently saw a 24-year-old woman named "Jane" who came in for rheumatoid arthritis, which included pain in her hands, feet and shoulders. She has also suffered from depression since her 9-month-old baby was born. She reportedly started having joint pain just after her son was born and Jane was very frustrated because she had difficulty holding him and caring for him the way "a mother should." 

Initially when she came in for an EFT session, she stated that she probably does not need EFT because her life was seemingly "normal" with little to no traumas. This is a VERY common response as virtually no one believes emotions can have much to do with their health, someone else certainly, but not them.

In her first session, she stated that she had pain and swelling in her right hand, but mostly in her thumb. She shared some details of her childhood but not much due to time constraints so we tapped for:

"Even though I have this pain in my right thumb I love and accept myself ..."

"I am releasing all negative emotions associated with this pain in my right thumb ..."

"I am forgiving myself for anything I might have done to contribute to this pain and swelling ..."

"I am forgiving anybody else for anything they may have done to contribute to the pain and swelling in my thumb ...directly or indirectly by things they have said, which caused me to feel anger, shame, guilt, fear, sadness, etc."

The pain went down significantly without addressing any real issues and she was pleasantly surprised by this. She also reported feeling very relaxed.

Three weeks later she met again and she said that she felt great for about 10 days. Then much of the pain returned and she started feeling very depressed about one week ago. She complained that her hands were so swollen that she had to go back on pain meds (which she was trying to alleviate altogether). 

She also stated that she had severe pain in her right shoulder and she was not able to take care of her son in the way she would like, for the past few days. She talked more about childhood issues and explained that her parents were divorced when she was young and her mother had remarried two other times.

She was estranged from her biological father and had many half siblings over the years, most of whom she did not talk to. She also mentioned that she grew up living with her grandmother, who raised her because life became hectic with her mother and other siblings.

So we started to use EFT to alleviate the pain and swelling she was experiencing:

"Even though I have this swelling in my index finger ..."

"Even though I have all these emotions locked up in my index finger ..."

She stated that she did not have much relief in her finger, but she was starting to feel emotional.  When pressed on the subject, she stated "I think my childhood was more messed up than I thought it was." She had a great deal of emotion about this because she had felt this was just a way of life and suddenly she was realizing that she had stored a great deal of emotions throughout her childhood years.

Without getting into all the details, we did numerous rounds of tapping for intense feelings of sadness, shock, uncovered memories, anger and rage with her mother for the choices she made and for not taking care of Jane's needs. We also did a few rounds for forgiveness for her mother, which went something like this (we went around and around with the tapping sequence until finished):

"Even though I am so angry with my mother for making poor choices ..."

"Even though I don't think I can ever forgive my mom for not recognizing my needs ..."

"Even though it felt like my mom was so wrapped up in her life that she couldn't see me, I love and accept myself anyway."

"As difficult as this may be, I need to forgive my mother for not taking care of my needs and being so wrapped up in her own life. If I continue to hold onto this anger and resentment, it is like a poison in my body and it is only hurting me, nobody else -- not even my mother. My mother had issues ... clearly she had issues. But she is only human, like you and me and she lived an entire life before I was even born ... with her own childhood and her own experiences, which led her to the person she is today."

"She was only doing the very best that she knew how to do, given her history, her resources, her support system and her inability to truly understand my needs. These were her issues, not mine ... I only thought they were mine because being 8 years old, of course I thought it was all about me."

After this last round of tapping, during which she was quite emotional, she claimed that she couldn't believe how good she felt. It was as though a huge weight had been lifted from her.  She reported that the swelling in her index finger had definitely improved, however the pain was completely gone and she could actually bend it (she had difficulty with this when the session started).

She also reported that she had no pain in her right shoulder and she could lift it above her head. She reported that the depression had lifted and she could not stop smiling.

Jane needed to continue using EFT to address other memories and issues in her life, however the ultimate release for her was in forgiveness for her mother. She said it had never occurred to her that this was a vital component for her to heal. Once she actually let go of the anger, resentment and blame, she found that many of the other issues (and pain) just "melted away."


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