Finally, A Great New Important Use for Splenda!!

As well as dieting on blood, mosquitoes also like to snack on "sweets," generally nectar from flowers and nectaries on plant leaves and stems.

Scientists are attempting to exploit this habit to help get rid of the pests.

Researchers sprayed acacia trees with a solution of sugar mixed with the insecticide Spinosad. The result was the elimination of almost the entire mosquito population of the nearby area.

Mosquitoes' habits would allow for targeted spraying. Of 77 flowering plants in Wisconsin, for example, mosquitoes prefer only four. However, desert and savannah regions, where malaria is on the rise due to such factors as environmental changes and the growing resistance of mosquitoes to conventional insecticides, would benefit most.

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

If you thought using an artificial sweetener like aspartame or Splenda as an insecticide was a bit far-fetched, consider this study.

Although this article doesn't explore the possibility, obviously, given the chemical structure and history of Splenda, it certainly makes more sense to use it in that manner than it does for humans to ingest it ...

Malaria is responsible for the deaths of an estimated 2 million people every year. (Some experts believe malaria may have killed half the people who ever lived!) The standard approach for malaria prevention is to kill mosquitoes with DDT. In many ways, however, Splenda is similar to DDT, as it is a chlorinated hydrocarbon.

Also, many do not realize this -- and I learned of it while researching my new book Sweet Deception -- but Splenda was actually discovered by accident when researchers were working with compounds that were insecticides. One of the Indian researchers misunderstood his instructions and thought he heard taste the chemical, when it was test the chemical.

And, as they say, the rest is history ...

Since Splenda is already sweet, you wouldn't even need to mix it into a sugar solution as you would with Spinosad.

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It has been absolutely amazing what we have been able to uncover. You will be shocked to learn that the absorption of Splenda into the human body was studied on a grand total of six men. That was the only human study performed that looked at this. From this the FDA allowed them to generalize this study to the entire human population.

The study was published in a journal that accepted a number of studies that were entirely funded by the manufacturer. The study was so poorly designed that it would not even merit a rejection letter from a major peer-reviewed journal. Yet the company was able to convince the FDA that this tiny study could be extrapolated to the entire spectrum of humans on the planet.

Right now there are absolutely no long-term safety studies for this substance in humans, only a two-year study on rats.

I have much more startling information to reveal to you, but it will have to wait till the fall. I suspect this will be another NY Times bestseller, and there is a good possibility the book will run out of its first printing. So if you want to be among the first to know the truth, visit

You might want to take a look at the pages of testimonials from our own readers who feel they have been harmed by Splenda. If you have noticed any side effects yourself, there is a form you can fill out so that you can add your story to the hundreds of others that have been submitted.

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