Younger Obese Feeling Pain Diseases Normally Seen in the Elderly

Acute diverticulitis, which is normally seen only in those over 50 years old, is now being seen in younger, obese adults.

Acute diverticulitis is a disease of the colon usually caused by a diet low in fiber. Increased colon pressure causes thin-walled pouches (diverticula) to develop in the bowel wall.

Bacterial infection of diverticula can then lead to inflammation, perforation of the intestinal wall, and other complications.

Researchers, concerned by increasing evidence of acute diverticulitis in younger patients, monitored the health of more than 100 patients, divided into over-50 and under-50 groups, who had suffered bouts of acute diverticulitis.

Of the two groups, more than 75 percent of them overall suffered from abdominal obesity, and those under age 50 were more prone to obesity -- and had worse cases of it -- than older the older patients.



Dr. Mercola's Comments:

There is quite a bit of interest in anti-aging medicine. I am really surprised to see that the largest alternative medicine group of physicians is based around anti-aging medicine. I have even spoke at some of their conferences.

What seems to escape most of these physicians is that the single most important factor that can slow down the aging process is to have normal insulin levels.

Interestingly, this is precisely what is responsible for most people being overweight. Their insulin levels are too high from eating too many carbohydrates.

It should be no surprise that obese people will more rapidly degenerate and come down with these diseases of aging. We have seen it in the childhood obesity epidemic in which young children are coming down with type 2 diabetes which was formerly called adult onset diabetes, because it rarely occured in children.

If we fail to reverse this epidemic we will, for the first time in history, see children living shorter lives than their parents. However, I am convinced that we can stop this insane trend perpetrated on us by commercial self-interests.

I firmly believe we can make the necessary changes to end this epidemic before it gets much worse.

The free resources on this site can help make a major dent in this epidemic by helping you learn the practical steps to reduce the chances of obesity affecting your own home, as well as your friends and other loved ones.

An excellent way to get started is to review this early warning checklist, so you are aware of what signs to look out for in your children.

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