Nutritional Typing - Simple Dietary Changes Eliminate Long Term Anxiety

This is an absolutely amazing story of the power of very simple dietary changes to resolve my emotional challenges and those of one of my patients who already had a fabulously healthy lifestyle.

Jon is a 44-year-old, highly successful entrepreneur who was running a half-billion-dollar company. He was referred to me by a close friend for an 11-year history of chronic anxiety that had failed to respond to some of the best psychotherapy in the country, including EFT.

Please understand that this anxiety was nearly debilitating and crippled him from leading a normal life. It was an enormous hardship for him to run his business with this type of handicap.

What made the issue even more interesting is that he had a phenomenally healthy lifestyle. Aside from being successful in business he had also competed as a semi-professional athlete and was in excellent health. He clearly did not have an exercise deficiency.

He chose healthy foods but this turned out to be his Achilles heel. Although they were healthy, biodynamic, organic foods they were not correct for his nutritional type. In fact, they were the exact opposite of what his body required.

He was essentially eating a very healthy vegetarian, low-fat diet. Once we did his nutritional type and found out that he was a protein type miracles occurred.

His anxiety rapidly resolved by over 90 percent until he went off his program and avoided the extra fat and protein that his body required.

Jon did find that eating a small amount of grain after eating some of his high-purine meat and vegetables has worked to completely satisfy his appetite until his next meal. He still does experience a little bit of stress-related anxiety, but he no longer experiences anxiety for no particular reason.

One of the pioneers in nutritional typing, Dr. George Watson, wrote a book called "Nutrition and Your Mind," which describes the profound influence that diet can have on your emotional state. Unfortunately, the book has been out of print for some time now.

Interestingly, I also share Jon's nutritional type and although I don't get anxiety when I go off my program, I will get very irritable and angry. This had been a major professional challenge for me as I would tend to get angry with my staff and family members. While there were clearly some non-dietary issues involved, like Jon, a major component of it was related to eating the right foods.

So I am personally grateful for this information as it has had a major benefit in my own life.

If you want to learn more about nutritional typing I would encourage you to take our free nutritional typing Mini-Course.




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