Why Are Kids Entering Puberty Before They Enter School?

A report was presented at the annual Pediatric Academic Society meeting describing how a preschool-age girl and her kindergarten-age brother began growing pubic hair.

This was not an isolated case; in 2004, there was similar cluster of five children, and previous clusters in outbreaks occurring along the lines of disease epidemics or environmental poisonings.

In 1979, there was an outbreak of breast enlargement among hundreds of Italian schoolchildren, most likely caused by estrogen contamination of beef and poultry.

Most commonly, these outbreaks traced to accidental drug exposures. But some physicians worry that children are at higher risk of early puberty due to the increasing availability of classes of drugs, cosmetics and environmental contaminants called endocrine disruptors.

In the case of the two children described in the report, their testosterone level was nealy100 times the normal amount. The cause was traced to a concentrated testosterone skin cream being used by their father. The children absorbed the testosterone through normal skin contact with their father.

Sex hormones like testosterone are particularly potent because they are easily absorbed through the skin and resist degradation. Other known triggers of early puberty have included a shampoo that contained estrogen and placental extract, shampoos containing lavender and tea tree oils, and industrial pollutants.


Dr. Mercola's Comments:

It's about time medical "experts" are finally recognizing the growing number of health problems resulting from contact with toxic chemicals.

It is shocking, but nevertheless, increasingly common for five and six year old children to go through precocious puberty. The signs of which include:

For girls before age 8:

  • Breasts
  • Armpit or pubic hair
  • First menstruation

For boys before age 9:

  • Enlarged testicles and penis
  • Armpit or pubic hair
  • Facial hair

Accidental contact with endocrine disruptors present in many household products and cosmetics, including:

The disruption of your hormone system, and all of the consequences resulting from it, is a typical way that environmental toxins negatively impact your body.

No surprise, Congress told the EPA to develop a comprehensive screening program within three years a decade ago. The agency never got around to it, however, due to efforts to squash it by representatives from the chemical industry serving on a program committee.

If you have children this is clearly something you will want to avoid. Here are some measures you can take to protect you and your children from common toxic substances which will cause them to go into puberty more than a decade before they were designed to:

  • Store your food in glass containers whenever possible, as it is the most inert container you can use. 


  • Only use natural cleaning products in your home. Most health food stores will have these available or you can search online for them.


  • Buy and eat, as much as possible, organic foods, especially mik which is frequently contaminated with bovine growth hormone.



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