High Blood Pressure Reduces With HIGH Carb Diet

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November 02, 2006 | 9,878 views

One of the basic principles I teach is that if you have symptoms of high insulin such as:

It is important to reduce carbohydrates to lower your insulin levels, which are one of the primary forces that drive these problems to persist.

However, there are some really important modifications that are not entirely obvious that I have learned about properly applying this understanding, and that is related to nutritional typing.

There are three primary nutritional types:

While I still believe that all groups benefit from avoiding grain carbohydrates if they have these problems, it is clear that if a carb type just decides to do a traditional "low-carb" diet like Dr. Atkins, they will actually gain weight and have an increased blood pressure. Strong proponents of Dr. Atkins' program might be shocked at this, but it is true.

The story below is from someone who had struggled with very high blood pressure for some time and she had applied the Atkins-type, low-carb, high-protein diet for her blood pressure challenge and it failed miserably.

She was even eating organic foods!

Why did it fail?

Because she was a carb type. If she were a protein type she would have had phenomenal results, just like many of the successful Atkins proponents.

Fortunately, she was a subscriber to our site and had taken our online nutritional typing test that provided her with the correct diet recommendations for her and, as you can see by her story below, it worked like an absolute charm.

Mieltje is a 54 year old woman who had her thyroid removed in1984 never could get replacement therapy right, and she gained quite a bit of weight over the years and high blood pressure.She had always been able to control high blood pressure with magnesium, but lately that had not worked.

Here is her story:

After 10 days of the MT diet, my blood pressure has dropped 40 pts. I was getting readings of 200/160, and yesterday I had 123 over 73. Still spikes, but is dropping steadily.


I never believed I was a carb person, and have been avoiding them for years, still gaining weight. Steady increase in blood pressure, despite eating healthy, organic foods.

And who would have thought the order in which you eat them matters. I always craved bread and potatoes more than dessert. I'm in heaven finishing a meal with a red potato, or following egg for breakfast with flax wheat toast. And the fog is clearing. Still waiting to see a weight drop, but the blood pressure change is amazing!!!!

BTW, I had been taking Krill and cardio essentials for at least a month prior to switching to MT.