Clear Your Negative Body Image

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November 04, 2006 | 7,727 views

By Carol Tuttle, Master Energy Therapist and the author of the best-selling book, Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century

What do you think and believe about your body? Do you look in the mirror with disgust? Are you dissatisfied with your weight and body shape? This technique will help you clear the negative mental programming you have about your body, which will free your body up to achieve greater results faster and in less time.

If you could change anything in your experience with your body and food, what would you change?

Would you want to lose weight?

Would you be more fit and healthy?

Would you have fewer worries and less stress around what you eat?

Would you stop resisting exercising and do it because you love it?

I am grateful that I have achieved all of the above, and I used to have all the above problems and issues with my weight and food. I know how to help you get the answers you are looking for, because I have had to create those answers myself!

I just happen to have spent the last 18 months creating a Web site that has the best resources I can help you with all in one place.

The Carol Tuttle Healing Center is full of fabulous resources to assist you in clearing the issues that are keeping you fat, unhappy and struggling with food.

The following video sessions -- just a few of the 85 video and audio sessions -- will help you achieve excellent results in clearing the emotional baggage and mental programming that is interfering with you getting fit and healthy:

Here are just a couple of the 50-minute audio seminars available on The Carol Tuttle Healing Center:

Members of the Healing Center have reported significant results in changing their emotional and mental programming and are losing weight with a lot less effort.

One member reported doing the Clearing for Weight and Body Issues just once, and she has lost seven pounds in four weeks..

With the holidays approaching and more events that have a lot more food, now is an excellent time to clear your limiting patterns with your weight, body and food.

Other Carol Tuttle Resources Recommended by Dr. Mercola

Special Offer for Mercola Subscribers: A three-day trial to the Carol Tuttle Healing Center is only $3.95. Visit The Carol Tuttle Healing Center now and try the Clearing for Weight and Body Issues instructional video -- just one of over 85 instructional videos training you in energy psychology, EFT, and the law of attraction to help you with money, health, weight, and relationships.

You can also learn powerful, hands-on, practical tools to help you clear emotional issues and negative thought patterns that are interfering with you creating a fit and healthy body. Carol's best-selling audio CD, Clearing the Issues that are Keeping You Fat!, has already helped thousands. Just click on the title to review this product and all of Carol's life-changing books, CDs and DVDs.


"Carol Tuttle's approach to helping people overcome emotional and mental barriers is amazingly effective. I highly recommend her self-help healing techniques to anyone seeking the next level of health and healing."

What Others are Saying about Carol Tuttle's resources:

"I was always solving problems.  Life was hard work accomplishing very little right up to the time I used The Carol Tuttle Healing Center.  Talk about understanding what was going on!  I was able to see why this was showing up for me.  Incredibly validating!  I saw that doing everything myself was a way of feeling important. I was so impressed.

"It was an enjoyable highly enlightening 15 minutes with Carol Tuttle.  I have naturally opened myself up to other people's ideas, contribution and love and guess what?  I feel important!  I no longer need to always be smarter than everyone!  Life is great!" -- Raland Brunson, Recording artist / owner of Rose Pedal Records


"Thank you so much for your valuable email. I love your passion, determination in providing powerful wisdom. I really appreciate it. I will do the exercises and already have been noticing my attitude of gratitude. There are 3 areas like you say on your CD that I also want to address.

Attract miraculous levels of prosperity into my life

Attract my soul mate

Attract abundant health and a fit lean body.

I enjoy listening to CD's as my belief is if I listen to them enough it will store in my mind and I will become it. Peace, Abundance and Prosperity to you for your generous amazing heart." -- Mary