How You Can to Change the Future of Health

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Finally you can now express your views on the articles. You can participate by not only posting comments but voting on them and by voting help us select the best content to put in the newsletter.

It took us two years to develop this exciting Web 2.0 technology and now you can take full advantage of it.

You Need to Have Access to the Secrets of Healing

It is my belief the general public would abandon the current flawed model if they knew the truth about the conventional medical system and had practical alternatives. You can already see the exploding interest in wellness and the progressive turning away from choosing drugs to solve all the health problems.

The drug companies have controlled most all of the conventional media sources up until recently. They never factored in how the Internet could be an effective communication tool to the public to inform them about practical options to the expensive Band-Aids that they offer.

The Public is Already Using the Net but Have Been Disappointed

According to a recent Washington Post article, ninety-five million Americans -- about 80 percent of online adults -- have searched the Web for health information in the past year, and the overwhelming majority have been disappointed and confused in their search for the true "secrets" of how to solve their medical challenges. is one unbiased source of such information that some people have found, but the fact is that it is limited in growth because it mostly comes from just one "voice" -- my own.

Unless this public perception and confusion is changed there is simply no way that the system can change -- the drug companies are far too large and powerful otherwise. But because Vital Votes is leveraging the voice and experience of multiple health experts like you, and will also involve the participation of the entire public, it can and WILL be that change!

Problems with the Old

For the past ten years I have attempted to educate the public about natural health options on my website. My mission and passion has been to catalyze the transformation of the health care system.

But while it has certainly made a significant impact, I realized that truly achieving this vision will simply not be possible with the current web site.

Here are a few key reasons why:

Only My Biased View. It is impossible for any single individual to understand and capture the full range of knowledge and understanding in health. While the information I have posted on my site has helped hundreds of thousands over the years it is still seriously deficient in many areas.

Furthermore, there is an eventual public perception issue with the single-voice approach of; if for whatever reason someone doesn't like what I have to say, they may be gone forever versus remaining engaged in the multi-voice approach of Vital Votes.

Perceived Conflict of Interests. Many have complained that the necessary products we have had to sell bias the information we post. I don't agree with this as I have never taken any outside advertising money, and I control 100% of the content.

Most important, one of the largest issues facing those who become educated in natural health solutions is which of the tens of thousands of products in the marketplace are actually worthwhile -- it seems to be a disservice not to provide this guidance and access to the hard-to-find exceptional products.

Help Change the Health
Care System Now...

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So this seems an ideal win/win to attain revenue, and of course we simply must have some revenue stream as the infrastructure of requires millions of dollars every year to pay for our team of:

  • Two dozen full time developers (programmers)

  • Computers and hosting fees

  • Management and administrative staff and consultants that runs the entire operation

Previously No Open Forum That Allowed YOU to Participate. It is abundantly clear that the wisdom is in the community. Until recently the software did not exist to allow an open forum that would not require additional millions of dollars to pay for moderators to prevent the system from degenerating

This degeneration is precisely what occurred with the original Usenet groups from the 1980s (now called Google Groups). There was so much spam and posting of hostile and insulting message that the format became virtually useless.

New Advancements on the Web 2.0 Makes a Whole New Playing Field

The Web and software development continues to advance at breathtaking speed. The latest development on the Web is now called Web 2.0 and allows:

  • People to collaborate and share information online in new ways

  • Efficiently create and distribute new content

  • Strong emphasis on open communication, decentralization of authority and freedom to share and re-use.

  • Social networking

New Is Now Web 2.0 Vital Votes

For the past 24 months my team of developers has been working on the new site and we have finally completed it to the point where it can now be offered in testing mode.

Similar to But BETTER!!

The software will be like Amazon comments and eBay seller feedback on steroids and will essentially allow the typical consumer to comment and rate comments on health articles that are posted.

Vital Votes' brilliance is that it will sort the comments and rankings on popularity so the best content comes to the top for everyone to read. This allows us to easily capture community knowledge of professionals and have consumers rank it for practicality.

Vital Votes Will Not Have Any Articles Selling Products! has been in existence for ten years and its success has allowed the complete funding of Vital Votes. This site will not have any articles that promote product sales, including my own. It will follow a similar model to

We will likely have banner ads for products completely aligned with the natural health mission to support the enormous monthly bandwidth fees we will have for the tens of millions of people who will shortly be relying on Vital Votes for their insights on health.

Unlike Digg I am committed to not using indiscriminate ads like Google Ad Words that can promote many questionable multi level marketing health scams.

Do You Want to Change the Health Care System and Promote Yourself, Your Project or Your Passion?

I hope sharing my vision has helped to convince you that it is not only possible but highly probably. And as a member of the FIRST group of health practitioners invited to participate in Vital Votes, you stand to gain the most benefit as your postings and reputation have that "first-to-market" advantage!

Help Change the Health
Care System Now...

Sign Up for Vital Votes

If you are only a fraction as excited as I am about this new format then I urge you to take the following steps:

  1. Sign up at by clicking on the join button in the upper right portion of the page.

  2. Once you have signed up please email me with your login name and I will promote you to a moderator so you can promote and rate articles

I Created a Video Tutorial to Help You Understand How to Use the Program

While you are waiting for me to email you back I encourage you to check out the Vital Votes Introduction Video, below.

Looking forward to your Vital Votes contributions, your increased success as a professional, and success at changing the medical paradigm TOGETHER.

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