Federal, State Regulators Target Raw Milk Sources

The Michigan Agriculture Department, together with state police, confiscated an estimated $7,000 worth of food products from a three-farm cooperative. Raw milk was the concern at the center of the investigation.

No charges have yet been filed, but the investigation has expanded; the FDA and Indiana Board of Animal Health have twice sent investigators to the Amish Indiana dairy that supplies the cooperative's raw milk.

The investigators are exploring possible violations of a federal prohibition on the sale of raw milk via interstate commerce.

Friendly retailers providing space to the coop have also felt the effects of the crackdown. Because one small Ann Arbor grocer was served cease and desist orders by Michigan's Agriculture Department to prevent the coop from distributing raw milk and organic food to customers in a warehouse behind the store, others are shying away from the coop for fear of losing their businesses.



Dr. Mercola's Comments:


It is interesting that this made the national news as this Amish farmer is one of the original farmers we connected with to provide raw dairy to the patients in our clinic.

Richard Hebron continued to drive weekly from his Michigan farm to Chicago every week to supply the people in our local community with his raw diary, cage free chicken eggs, and grass fed beef.

Even though the people who purchased his food did not become sick or ill and they had voluntarily chose to participate in his cow share program, the Big Brother government decided they knew better than the consumer they were "trying to protect".

This is simply inexcusable government intrusion on the freedom of choice of American consumers.

Just as the consumption of raw milk is growing in America, so are heavy-handed attempts by state officials in some states to kill it. Of course, the intimidating wrath of state and federal regulators hasn't yielded charges against anyone for anything yet. Nonetheless, they've still confiscated thousands of dollars worth of food, which is often all it takes to bankrupt a business and squelch a movement.

Just remember, despite all the health myths they like to throw around, pasteurized milk producers can't claim their worthless health-harming products reduce the incidence of eczema or hay fever. Only raw milk is responsible for those benefits.

Raw milk is one of the finest sources of calcium available for humans. From my perspective, there just simply is not any rational justification to ever drink pasteurized milk, even organic pasteurized milk. Once you heat milk to pasteurize it there is serious damage that is done to the fragile milk proteins that actually cause it to function as a potent allergen. That is one of the main reasons why milk is the most common allergy.

Even if you start with organic milk from grass-fed cows, once you heat it the milk is ruined and should not be consumed.

Additionally, the pasteurization process virtually eliminates the good bacteria normally present in the milk and radically reduces the micronutrient and vitamin content of this healthy food. I encourage you to read my past articles to learn why you don't want to drink pasteurized milk, and why raw milk is becoming more popular in the United States.

Fortunately, no matter how far public health officials will go to discredit the benefits of raw milk, a growing number of Americans are choosing natural dairy sources, even though they may be breaking the law.

Here's an excellent video, pointed out to us by a newsletter reader, describes how nutrition, in the form of herbs and other natural foods, has been increasingly criminalized by the U.S. government.




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