How to Get Rid of Food Cravings

Food CravingsWouldn't you just love a simply and easy way to get rid of those pesky cravings for food you know is not good for you?

The simple key to virtually eliminating food cravings is to choose foods that your specific biochemistry and genetics require. There are no magic pills or foods that will do this, as what works for one person will be an abysmal failure for the next.

The simple way to learn what foods will satisfy your cravings is through a system called nutritional typing. We have treated many thousands of patients in our clinic with this program, and that is one of the key characteristics of people who successfully implement it.

Their food cravings amazingly and dramatically disappear. Following is a description of a recent patient we saw that illustrates this very well.

Shirley is 63 years young and is a retired nurse. She has a long history of being overweight and having heart palpitations. As a new patient in July of this year, she was about 100 pounds overweight and had failed on all of the diet programs she tried. She was simply unable to sustain any significant weight loss.

Shirley started having heart palpitations in 1988 while getting ready for her daughter's graduation. Eventually, she was given the effective but dangerous calcium channel blocker Verapamil, which she continues to take -- although, she reports that she has not had heart palpitations for about 10 years. 

In nutritional typing, she was assessed as a protein type in July of this year. Her comprehensive blood test from July clearly indicated that she had been over-consuming carbohydrates, (her insulin level was 10 and her leptin level was 29.4). Also, she was deficient in vitamin D (18). 

For the last three months, Shirley has been following the prime protein type meal plan as faithfully as she can and she continues to feel much better. Specifically, her mood has dramatically improved, her energy is about 80 percent better, her mental clarity is sharper and it continues to improve.

The most remarkable aspect, though, is that she continues to be completely free of cravings for carbohydrates. After a meal she can easily go for about six hours before she feels a need to eat again. Additionally, in the past two months, after some adjustments were made in her portions of protein, fat and carbohydrates at every meal, she has lost 11 pounds -- without dieting. Her weight as a new patient, on 7/27/06, was 233.5 pounds. Her current weight is 222.5 pounds.



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