Nutritional Typing - The Secret to Improving Your Health

I had been practicing medicine for over 10 years before I learned of this amazing health secret. I was able to help many thousands of people improve their health but there were clearly some that worsened with my food recommendations. I would constantly revise them and get marginal improvements, as some nutritional principles are universal.

In the '90s I was advocating daily fresh, organic vegetable juicing for everyone, including myself. While this helped many, others did not do as well. I remained largely perplexed as to why this was happening.

In the late '90s I read the book Metabolic Typing by William Wolcott and it resonated solid truth with me. I listened to several of his lectures but was still confused. I could never understand how to practically apply it until I met Bill Wolcott and he personally mentored me for a few hours and cleared up my confusion.

From that point on I got it and transformed my own personal health and those of nearly all the patients we cared for at my health and wellness clinic. So I can understand how many of my subscribers, and possibly you, might not fully appreciate the enormous potential Metabolic Typing has to transform your health.

We require all our patients at our clinic to take this analysis. We charge $180 for the test and consultation. Because this service is performed in our office, our patients are able to submit this charge to their insurance companies. (The version that we have online cannot be submitted to insurance companies.)

For the longest time I could not offer the Metabolic Typing test on the site because the test by itself is virtually worthless. This is because one requires personal coaching to implement the results into their life and answer the inevitable questions that may arise. If I didn't get it when I was first exposed to it, it would seem reasonable to assume others would also struggle with implementing the program..

Fortunately, this problem is now solved and I can offer this valuable test on the Web site. I had our team of programmers develop a forum where people can take the test and be personally mentored for the cost of the test alone -- and not an expensive consultation, for now there are literally thousands of questions and answers on the program.

The program has been running since early this year, and I thought it would be helpful to post some of the comments from people who have actually gone through the program. 

I started applying Metabolic Typing principles in April 2004 when Dr. Mercola first made me aware of it.  I purchased Bill Wolcott's book, took the test, and thought I was following Wolcott's guidelines.  I also purchased Dr. Mercola's Total Health.  It was not until I joined the Dr. Mercola Metabolic Typing forum in April 2006 that I discovered how far I had deviated from my ideal way of eating. 

Posting and reading other's posts made me aware that I had been eating many things that were contraindicated for my Metabolic Type.  Example: I am a fast oxidizer and need to eat high purine proteins to start my breakfast and lunch.  What I didn't realize until the forum was that lemon, vinegar and mustards were avoids for my type. 

For the last 2 years, I had been marinating everything in lemon or vinegar and always in mustard.  I was using a couple fresh lemons a day, including drinking homemade lemonade! And looking to buy a case of good Organic Balsamic Vinegar!  And I genuinely thought I was doing Metabolic Typing!

So, for the small fee being charged  (only $59.95) I have received :

  • A great online test
  • Handouts
  • 15 hours of audio lectures 
  • The most helpful is the daily response to my forum questions by Glen, a naturopath who is also a licensed nutritionist and licensed EFT person

    He has really helped me reach a true metabolic balance.  I am now experiencing a very deep calm, sleep like a rock, have no food cravings and recoil from foods I used to crave.  My energy level is high and I am totally enjoying exercising almost daily at my gym (in my apartment).  I had not experienced this prior to the forum and I know it was the little lemons and vinegar that were sabotaging my way of eating.

    Glen started a section where we post our recipes or menus and he "tweaks" them or provides us with alternatives and the reasons for the changes.  This has been invaluable. This is a new way of eating and the forum helps us get thru the initial phase of implementing MT successfully. 

    I remain very grateful to the forum and am going to repeat the MT test in a few months and join the forum again.  I've have grown very fond of Glen , I've made some buddies there, and we email and call each other for support.  I can highly recommend this to anyone who is ready to be guided to the next higher level of being a calmer more energetic and healthier you.


    Suzanne Thurston

    This is what others have said about the Metabolic Typing Online Forum

    Glen is very professional and prompt in his responses, and my postings have been answered to my satisfaction. I've learned many useful things to help me succeed with my diet plan. I think for followers to succeed with metabolic typing there should be a place to get some inevitable questions answered promptly and having this forum available initially for free is a great way to provide this service. I don't see a need to change anything.


    I have been really impressed with the forum, especially with Glen's responses - both in quality and in timeliness. The addition of the recipes section has been good in providing some variety.


    I used to forum by reading posts and discovering answers to questions I had. I only posted once and received an extremely helpful response from Dr. Glen Depke. I found this access very helpful. I would recommend ongoing access to all MT participants as the forum motivates us. Also, I am now recommending to other people that they be tested and reap the benefits of MT, and I tell them about the forum and how helpful it is.


    The Metabolic Type Forum has been an invaluable resource. The best part is having your questions personally answered by some of the most knowledgeable health professionals out there. I bought the full Metabolic Type Test and received access to the forum as a bonus. However, I would've paid the exact same price just to receive access to the forum alone. It is that valuable. -- Jesse


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