FDA Continues to Harass Raw Milk Providers

A "raid" was conducted earlier this year during a drop-off of raw milk in a Cincinnati parking lot. Approximately eight FDA agents, along with four Cincinnati police officers, stopped the truck of a Kentucky farmer and began confiscating bottles of raw milk.

The lawmen tried to force the farmer into a "confession," but the farmer merely stated what he offered to his shareholders and that the milk wasn't pasteurized.

The situation became so traumatic for the farmer that he was hospitalized several times for stress issues. Fortunately, several of the farmer's loyal shareholders took charge temporarily in his place to milk the cows, bottle the milk and drive his product to market as he recuperated.

Kentucky officials decided against filing charges after a meeting of its Milk Safety Board, but Ohio officials decided otherwise. To avoid a draining legal battle, the farmer opted to plead guilty to labeling and licensing laws and paid a fine. The FDA sent him a letter warning about interstate deliveries.

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

This BusinessWeek.com story follows up on the excellent article they posted a while back about the targeting of rural raw milk sources by state and federal officials.

It's amazing that, with all the problems in the world that require somebody's attention, federal officials and local lawmen chose to waste the government's time and our tax dollars ganging up on a rural dairy farmer delivering raw milk, one of the finest sources of protein and calcium available.

Although pasteurization is promoted as something that will "protect" you from potentially dangerous infections, the truth of the matter is that it is unecessary if cows are raised under healthy conditions.

Patsteurization is actually a destructive process that changes the physical structure of the fragile proteins in milk (especially casein) and converts them into proteins your body was never designed to handle -- and that can actually harm you. Additionally, the pasteurization process virtually eliminates the good bacteria normally present in the milk and radically reduces the micronutrient and vitamin content of this healthy food.

Commercial milk is also typically homogenized, a process that keeps the milk from naturally separating. The homogenization process creates a substance known as xanthine oxidase, which is thought to play a role in oxidative stress by acting as a free radical in the body.

If you are unable to find a local dairy farmer in your area who sells raw milk, I encourage you to visit the Real Milk site to locate a source close to you.

Rich from Massapequa, New York echoes the frustrations of many regarding this and similar issues with a comment in the Vital Votes section:

"Another sad testament to what is happening to this country as a whole ... This country is not free at all when it comes to any ideas that go against the established grain. From entrepreneurs like Preston Tucker and his better car, to Chinese and natural medicine and cures that have already been proven such as Huxley's cancer cure from the nineteen twenties and many others.

"The government has too often been the pawn of big business and this latest administration has only proven that to be even more true. It's amazing that things like Ozone therapy and Chi-gung machines are available in places like Mexico, Germany and China, but not here in the so called enlightened US ...

"... the FDA [raided] the doctor's office of a man in California in the 70's [who gave his wife] harmless cancer fighting herbal tea from Japan ... the FDA has always used the police and other government agencies to help keep a lid on anything that threatens the profits of those big companies that fund them and that they subsequently protect ...

" ... she died only a few weeks after the man begged the FDA not to take the herbal tea from her. He was charged with distributing a dangerous product I believe (he was selling it to friends and family at cost), jailed, all of the tea confiscated, while he wife got sicker and died. It had kept her alive for years after she was supposed to have been dead.

"... Examples like this and thousands more are proof that nothing has changed in this country and it's only getting worse."

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