The Dangers of Processed Meats

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December 10, 2006 | 23,127 views

In a recent study, over 1,500 patients suffering from colorectal adenomas (precancerous polyps of the colon) were given a survey about their diet. Several years later, they were examined again to see if their polyps had returned.

Greater Risk With Processed Meats

The patients who consumed diets higher in processed meats experienced a greater risk of the problem recurring. However, those with diets high in certain meats, like chicken, were less prone to the risk.

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States; more than 57,000 die of colorectal cancer each year.

High Blood Pressure

Meanwhile, another study indicates that consumption of meat raises the risk elevated blood pressure. The diets and blood pressures of 4,300 subjects were assessed over the course of 15 years. As plant food intake increased, the risk of elevated blood pressure fell. The opposite trend was seen with meat intake.




Earlier this year, I told you about a study that offered a non-drug solution, and a faulty one, for lowering your hypertension risks: Passing up meat entirely for a strict vegetarian diet.

Eating more vegetables isn't a bad thing at all, especially if that means curbing your intake of processed foods. But cutting out meat entirely for most people is not going to make you healthier.

I understand many have strong spiritual convictions about killing animals, but what many fail to appreciate is that this is precisely what occurs in nature. Most animals have no moral qualms about eating other animals for their next meal. It is simply the natural order.

However, if you feel compelled that your spiritual path prohibits meat that would be a rational decision. To me that is the only defensible position for many who choose to avoid eating meat.

Anyone who makes this choice, though, needs to understand that if they are in the same group as two-thirds of the planet -- who are protein types -- they will have some adverse health consequences.

However, if you are a carb type you can actually thrive on avoiding meat. You will still require small amounts of some type of animal protein, such as eggs, low-fat milk or fish. They have a variety of micro-nutrients like B12 that are simply very challenging to obtain in non-animal foods.

Most of our culture is not aware that the central issue here is not the meat itself, but the kind of meat you're using and the way you prepare it. If you eat meat that is loaded with pesticides and hormones and then cook it at high temperatures you are asking for trouble. This is one reason I strive to restrict my meat choices whenever possible to grass-fed and organic meats.

I also consume the majority of my meat raw so the heterocyclic amines that form when you cook meat at high temperatures are completely eliminated.

Remember, cancer -- not heart disease -- has become America's top killer, which is why you'll want to seriously consider these recommendations that can virtually eliminate your odds of developing colon and many other types of cancer. If you're having trouble with high blood pressure, start taking better control over it first by taking the free nutritional type test so you can learn what foods your body burns best.


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