Knowing Your Nutritional Type Improves Aspect of Your Health

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December 28, 2006 | 14,559 views

Mark Goldstein of Northbrook, Illinois is 57 years of age. He first visited our clinic in May 2006. For the eight years prior to visiting us Mark had been bothered by a chronic inflammatory condition in his eye (uveitis) that threatened his eyesight. Although this condition was treated with steroids, it persisted.

He was about 60 pounds overweight and he was constantly thinking about food! Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner just did not satisfy his appetite.

Even after eating a meal that made him feel physically full, he often would still feel a sense of hunger to some degree. It was like, no matter what he ate or how full he was, he still felt like something was missing, but, he didn't know what it was.

He had daily cravings for sweets and starchy carbohydrates like potatoes, plus, he needed snacks throughout the day. If he went too long without eating, he became irritable and much more likely to express frustration and anger in response to challenges at work.

Mark also has a personal and family history of inflammatory bowel disease but when he began to follow a gluten- and pasteurized-dairy-free diet, his symptoms improved. Plus, he lost a significant amount of weight and he stopped snoring.

Major Changes with nutritional typing

In nutritional typing, Mark was assessed as a strong protein type. We teach our patients that if you are a protein type and you are not eating enough of the right type of protein and fat to start every meal -- then you will have a very strong tendency to overconsume carbohydrates, and it is very likely that you will just not ever feel completely satisfied with what you are eating.

Protein types also need to eat enough of the right type of carbohydrates, which are primarily vegetables, but -- it is very easy for a protein type to over-consume carbohydrates.

The more a protein type over-consumes carbohydrates, the more susceptible they become to gaining weight and losing energy, plus, they also become more susceptible to inflammatory processes, as well as a number of other health problems.

Well, Mark began to follow our protein type nutrition plan (minus all pasteurized dairy and all grains) in June 2006. After only two weeks of eating right for his nutritional type ...

Mark experienced the following benefits:

He also lost 8.5 more pounds in those first two weeks of eating meals that consisted of significantly more FAT than he had been eating.

For the past six months, Mark has continued to follow our protein type meal plan and he has continued to realize ALL of the benefits reported above, plus, recently, his ophthalmologist found that:

The Inflammation in His Eye (uveitis) is Completely Gone!!!

Emotionally, Mark is feeling much more balanced, his mood is more positive and stable, plus, it is much easier for him to be patient, calm and relaxed instead of irritable, frustrated and angry in response to challenges at work.

Additionally, Mark has continued to lose weight without dieting! His weight is now down to 191 pounds, which means that he has lost 22.5 pounds since he began eating right for his nutritional type in June of this year.

Mark could still benefit from losing another eight to 10 pounds and he still has room for improvement in other areas of his health. But for the past six months, he has finally been nourishing himself properly and because of this, he has given himself the chance to realize his full health potential at this time in his life.