Americans Are Finally Starting to Catch on to Deceptive Marketing

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January 27, 2007 | 5,039 views

A nationwide survey indicates that there are significant differences between the public's view of pharmaceutical companies and the industry's perception of itself. These differences have caused the pharmaceutical industry to lose the trust of many.

The survey asked questions of consumers, physicians, health insurers, researchers and policymakers. The survey found that:

Good news! More people are escaping out of the illusion and deception of the drug companies and starting to clearly see the truth.

This new PricewaterhouseCoopers report, citing a declining trust in the reputation of the mega-pharmaceuticals, is yet another indication that my vision to reconfigure and reform the deadly state of conventional health care in America is a bit closer to becoming a reality.

Only the reputation of the oil industry fell more steeply in the eyes of the public.

The main reason is that the public is absolutely right in their estimation that drug companies manipulate or suppress negative clinical trials, promote their toxic products for unapproved uses, and focus on developing drugs that are either not any better than older ones or "lifestyle" concoctions with better sales potential.

Keep up the good work, folks. But, please be aware, the battle is merely beginning ...

On Vital Votes, reader Jeff from Stamford, Connecticut says:

"What I am observing happening in society now, is that we are experiencing a time when the infection of denial, deception, greed, etc. is reaching a climactic apex in it's process.

"Just as when a boil on the skin reaches maturity and it begins to ooze out, society's previously more hidden poisons are becoming more apparent, just as the arrogance of organizations, institutions and individual greed is peaking.

"You can see this exemplified in what has taken place with the likes of Enron ... All this surfacing of poison is gradually raising the awareness of society to its own inner demons that need to be acknowledged and addressed."

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