A Different Take on Death From Carl Jung

Renowned psychologist Carl Jung shares his thoughts about death.

He gives his view that death is just as psychologically important as birth. Death is not necessarily an "end," he says, because the psyche isn't entirely confined to space and time (for instance, you can see dreams and visions of future).

The psyche may serve a practical continuation of life beyond time and space, and, as such, Jung believes death should be regarded as a goal and something to look forward to. No matter what your personal beliefs are, this video is sure to get you thinking.
Dr. Mercola's Comments:

Last month I posted a popular article that revealed 19 facts about death that you probably didn't want to know. This video, however, contains some information about death that you may want to hear, and Jung speaks about death from a spiritual perspective.

One of the primary reasons behind the enduring rift between conventional medical science and natural healing techniques is the contrasting nature of their basic philosophies.

Conventional medicine tends to view organisms as machines, made of various parts that are either functioning properly or have somehow failed.

Most who practice natural medicine, however, strongly believe that there is a vitalizing force that activates your body. Some refer to this as your soul, psyche, spirit, or life force. It is thought to animate thought and physical existence, and it is not the same as your body.

There is a pervasive divine intelligence that guides every cell in your body toward health and healing, as long as you cooperate. Your body was designed to move toward health, not toward disease. Unfortunately, contemporary society throws many barriers in that direction with its pervasive fraud, deception and toxic influences.

However, with wisdom, guidance and understanding your body will spontaneously move toward health and wellness -- not disease.

On Vital Votes, reader Josh from Vista, California says:

"I agree with Jung on many levels. The most interesting thing is that most people focus on the future (what has not been). This eventually leads to fear of what has not been, death. What if death was the beginning and when we were born we are actually dying? If you believe in karmic laws, then life never ends. It is continuous and birth and death are the etheric names that we have applied to these journey's in life.

"As humans, there is evolution (body to spirit) and involution (spirit to body). So when we are born, are we humans having spiritual experiences or spirits having human experiences. As Yogananda said, you have to have thousands of life times in order to be born into a human experience.

"So what is real and what is not? What is visible and what is not? Death is something that we have created in my opinion. When the physical body starts to decline, what about the other bodies (mental, emotional and causal)? This is the time when they leave the body and the physical body does die.

"But do the others die, do they continue into another body, into another lifetime? One will never KNOW for sure and all we can really do is speculate. We can all have beliefs and that is what makes our own journeys special."

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