Long-Term Use of Cellular Phones is as Unhealthy as Cigarettes

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February 10, 2007 | 5,799 views

A new large-scale study has shown that long-term users of mobile phones are much more likely to develop a certain type of brain tumor on the side of the head where they hold their handsets.

Those who regularly used mobiles for longer than 10 years were almost 40 percent more likely to develop nervous system tumors called gliomas. This is the second study to suggest an increased brain tumor risk associated with mobile phones.

The study examined more than 1,500 people with gliomas, and an additional 3,300 people who did not suffer from the cancers. Scientists at first found no link between cellular phones and tumors, until they specifically reviewed the medical histories of patients who had been using mobiles for at least a decade.

I suspect this study will help to dispel much of the skepticism about the real dangers of cellular phone use. It makes sense that they needed to look at long-term users, researchers say, because tumors take a long time to develop.

Unfortunately, for many of you, the cellular phone has evolved into an essential tool in your daily lives, so giving it up isn't possible. Your first best solution: Ensure your mobile has a speakerphone function and don't hold it near you at all while talking. Again, due to privacy concerns, that too may be a problem.

If so, you may want to consider using a headset. There are many of them out there that you can use. However, I did quite a bit of investigation to find the absolute safest one. Some may feel it self-serving, but I feel it is my responsibility to identify inexpensive resources that could possibly save you from a brain tumor.

I was able to find an inexpensive supply from China that uses a blue Air Tube and ferrite bead that blocks your exposure to electromagnetic fields that is completely different from most headsets.

So remember the key here. If you use a phone it is best to use your speaker phone (no extra cost). If that is not possible then please use a headset. I don't care whose you use, just use one.

If you want the one I researched it is available in my Web store.

On Vital Votes, Thedy from Appleton, Wisconsin adds:

"I believe cell phones do have a place in our lives, and are important in case of emergencies. I would rather see someone have a cell phone if their car broke down than be a victim of a crime. But I also believe they are dangerous for our health.

"Most people do not read the little inserts in their cell phone packages. I point these inserts out to others. They say right in every box, that they are not proven safe, and that you should not use them for prolonged conversations. I do not think young children should be using them.

"And I think it is dangerous that more and more people are using them as their primary phone.

"I have worked in oncology for years and more and more I see cancers that we are not able to categorize. Are they new forms of cancer? What are we getting them from? It is so important for us to limit our exposure to harmful elements in our environment."

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