Extra Virgin Olive Oil: A New Natural Weapon to Fight H. Pylori

Extra virgin olive oil could help prevent and treat Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infections, which cause millions of cases of gastritis and peptic ulcer disease each year.

Previous studies have shown that natural foods such as green tea and cranberry juice inhibit the growth of H. pylori infections in the stomach lining. This is the first time that olive oil has been looked at in this context.

In laboratory cultures, the phenolic compounds in extra virgin olive oil had strong antibacterial effects against eight strains of H. pylori, including antibiotic-resistant strains. The compounds were also shown to be capable of remaining stable in the harsh acidic conditions of the stomach.



Dr. Mercola's Comments:


Add extra virgin olive oil to your list of natural weapons for fighting and preventing H. pylori. Extra virgin olive oil is also one of the healthiest oils you can consume, and is certainly better than most vegetable oils that only worsen your ratio of omega-6 fats to omega-3s without providing any healthful effects.

Olive oil has been used by humans for thousands of years. It is a well proven oil that has withstood the test of time. Nearly all other vegetable oils are highly processed and have far more omega-6 fat than you need. The typically American consumes 100 times the amount their ancestors did 100 years ago.

How can that possibly be good?

Olive oil is loaded with omega-9 fats. Just remember, however, extra virgin olive oil is great on salads but not for cooking. If you plan on using a fat to cook with, your clear choice is coconut oil. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which is a proven antiviral and immune system builder.

Another proven natural method for eradicating H. pylori: Eating one or two cloves of raw garlic daily.

On Vital Votes, Nutrition Coach Josh Rubin from San Marcos, California adds:

"There is a 50/50 chance that most have H. Pylori. I have found the symptoms of clients are bloating, gas, diarrhea/constipation, migraines, GERD, etc.  An easy way to treat it besides antibiotics is:

"1. Make sure your chicken is cooked thoroughly. There is research to show that raw or undercooked chicken is the main culprit.

"2. Cook your eggs. I know this contradicts most and Dr. Mercola, but there is research to show that raw eggs cause HP.

"3. There is new research to show that sexual fluids between partners can cause the transfer of HP.

"4. If you suspect you have it, do the stool test and you can easily treat it with a 6 month protocol of Mastica Gum and Bio HPF. These are herbs that specifically treat the effects of the HP bacteria on the SI, epithelial cells, etc."




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