Growing Controversy Over New Merck Vaccines

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March 10, 2007 | 23,481 views

Gardasil, Zostavax, and Rotateq were all vaccines introduced by Merck in late 2005 in an attempt to turn their finances around in the wake of litigation over thousands of deaths allegedly caused by the painkiller Vioxx.

However, Gardasil has caused conflicts between state legislatures who want to require young girls to take it and parents who believe such laws circumvent their rights. Meanwhile, Rotateq, designed to prevent gastrointestinal illnesses in children, has led to growing incidents of intussusception, a rare and life-threatening form of intestinal blockage.

In the wake of the continuing controversy over the Gardasil human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, Merck has ended its lobbying campaign to make Gardasil a mandatory vaccine in the United States. The American Academy of Pediatrics, which has been supportive of Gardasil, was nonetheless pleased about the end of the campaign, citing concerns about requiring another vaccine for a problem that doesn't have a large impact on health nationwide.

At the same time, reports are being made of side effects associated with Gardasil, including fainting and dizziness. But a potentially far more dangerous risk is the growing incidence of intussusception among children who use Merck's vaccine Rotateq. Intussusception occurs when the intestine telescopes into itself, causing an obstruction of the bowel that is repaired surgically.


The trio of vaccines that was supposed to turn Merck's fortunes around may be causing as many problems for Merck as they are causing for the people who are manipulated and deceived into taking them.

Almost a year after approving Rotateq to prevent gastrointestinal illnesses in children, the FDA has issued an advisory warning parents about the risk of intussusception (which was also the most common side effect associated with Wyeth's long-gone RotaShield that was pulled from the market in 1999). Although no deaths due to Rotateq have been reported so far, 16 of the 28 reported cases required surgery to repair a baby's intestinal tract.

Hard to believe, then, the co-inventor of the vaccine had the nerve to say the 28 reported cases of intussusception were a reassuring number ...

At the same time, Merck has stopped promoting the mandatory use of Gardasil, the useless human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. Their campaign to promote it was dubbed by some as the Help pay for Vioxx Litigation campaign.

It's probably no coincidence that their turn-around comes at the same time that reports from the National Vaccine Information Center are surfacing about fainting and dizziness reported by dozens of patients as side effects of Gardasil. There are also some concerns that Gardasil may cause infertility.

I suspect the news came as a surprise to Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the first lawmaker in the nation to mandate the HPV vaccine, and more fuel to his legislature's growing campaign to overturn the edict. And some are still wondering if Perry's foolish decision had less to do with HPV or more with listening to the opinions of his former chief of staff, now a Merck lobbyist.

However, Perry claims that it's just a coincidence that he and eight other lawmakers received donations of $5,000 each from Merck lobbyists just a few days before issuing the mandate.

One more reminder, HPV is virtually 100 percent avoidable without a useless, expensive vaccine. And bear in mind: this year, some 11,000 women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer, which can be caused by HPV, and about 3,700 will die from it. In comparison, 16 times more American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer (178,480), and 11 times more will die from it (40,460).

Additionally, according to Merck's own literature, it is important to realize that Gardasil does not protect women against some "non-vaccine" HPV types.

If news reports like these make you think twice about vaccinating your children, they should. If you're on the fence at all, I strongly encourage you to carefully consider all the evidence before moving forward.

On Vital Votes, Irene from Jackson, New Jersey says:

"I will never turn my children into guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical industry just for the convenience of public school.

"I believe that any medicine should be a person's freedom of choice and not a mandate.

"I will never willingly comply with medical practices such as these. Between Big Agri-biz attempting to patent all seeds and GMOs, to the big pharma forcing use of their pharmaceuticals, and the nightmare of Codex, I realize that our world is in serious jeopardy. These corporations are launching an all out assault on the human race.

"Most people don't realize where the real war is coming from, it's these large corporations. Want to know why everyone hates the <st1:country-region>US</st1:country-region> ... Corporate GREED ... Monsanto, Dow, Cargill, Big Pharma, Arms manufacturing, they create these wars and the propaganda that starts them.
"People ... the corporate world has become our government ... legislation, they stole it.

"Put your money where your mouth is ... don't let your guard down and only buy naturally sustainable, privately owned, small business, fair trade, eco-smart organic products ... DO YOUR HOMEWORK!"

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