Immoral Drug Company Experiments on Russian Kids

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March 22, 2007 | 10,355 views

A Russian hospital is being investigated for allegedly illegally testing GlaxoSmithKline vaccines on toddlers, making them ill and hampering their development. GlaxoSmithKline denied the claims, saying there was evidence of neither adverse events nor misconduct.

The vaccines were tested on over 100 children aged 1 to 2. Prosecutors claim that parents were not properly informed, and thought that the vaccinations were routine.

It was also alleged that sick children had been illegally used in the clinical trials; only healthy children were allowed to receive the vaccine according to the contract. One girl had a neurological illness that progressed quickly after the vaccination.

If you don't already understand this simple and basic fact from the many previous stories I have posted on this topic, I hope this story is a powerful illustration of the fact that nearly all drug companies are more motivated to boost their bottom line than to help people.

Drug companies like GlaxoSmithKline will use whatever means they can to get around already favorable laws. But all they end up doing is proving, again and again, that vaccines aren't safe, especially for innocent and defenseless children.

The vaccine issue is one of the most controversial topics in health, and typically one of the last positions a conventionally trained physician will objectively and seriously evaluate.

However, if a physician is intellectually honest and open to the facts they study they will discover the truth. This is the process I went through as I learned more about the risks of vaccines. I began to see hundreds of brain-injured children in my own practice who had been damaged by vaccines, and my views changed quite dramatically.

Hopefully, someday conventional medicine as a whole will also finally admit their mistake about vaccines and give up the pretense they do anyone any good. If you're still skeptical about the harm vaccines do, learn more about why Amish children don't have the same problem.

On Vital Votes, Dr. Gene Weber from Yakima, Washington adds:

"There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of abuse by any drug company or any kind of company for that matter.  Now that we can have drugs approved by the FDA in as little as 6 months, we are all subjected to the same kinds of drug trials here. 

"We are basically guinea pigs for the drug companies use and abuse.   I believe  that we should all practice what we are taught in the early years, 'just say no to drugs.'"

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