The AMA -- Murder by Injection

If you assumed the skewing of medicine toward the drug-addicted model that poses for conventional medicine has only been around a relatively short time, it's been alive and well for ages, according to writer and biographer Eustace Mullins, whose 1988 book, Murder by Injection, is the subject of this short Google video.

Mullins argues medicine's propensity toward needless drugs and procedures began long ago, as the Rockefeller Syndicate, U.S. government officials and the American Medical Association (AMA) formed an unholy triumvirate that successfully gained control of America's health care industry in the early part of the 20th century.


Dr. Mercola's Comments:


Although Murder by Injection has been long out-of-print, I strongly urge you to read this chapter about the syndicate that demonstrates how far this group has gone to hold onto its monopoly of medicine in <st1:country-region>America</st1:country-region>. A choice quote:

"The criminal syndicalists are now looting the American nation of one trillion dollars each year, of which about one-third, more than three hundred billion dollars per year, represents the profitable depredations of the Drug Trust and its medical subsidiaries. 

Before a sustained effort to combat these depredations can be mounted, Americans must make every effort to regain their health ... When the Rockefeller Syndicate began its takeover of our medical profession in 1910, our citizens went into a sharp decline. 

Today, we suffer from a host of debilitating ailments, both mental and physical, nearly all of which can be traced directly to the operations of the chemical and drug monopoly and which pose the greatest threat to our continued existence as a nation."

On Vital Votes, Dr. Matthew Loop of Lilburn, <st1:country-region>Georgia</st1:country-region> adds:

"The conspiracy to limit and eliminate competition from non-drug therapies began with the Flexner Report of 1910 ... Flexner was commissioned by oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller to tour the country and evaluate the effectiveness of therapies taught in medical schools and other institutions of the healing arts.

"History persuades us that Rockefeller, far from having altruistic intentions, wanted to dominate control over petroleum, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals -- which are all derived from coal tars or crude oil.

"He arranged for his company, Standard Oil of New Jersey, to obtain a controlling interest in a huge German drug cartel called I. G. Farben. He was able to engage two of his stronger competitors, Andrew Carnegie of US Steel and JP Morgan of JP Morgan and Co. as partners, while making other, less powerful players, stockholders in Standard Oil.

"For these elite men, this consolidation of influential wealth enabled them to expand their power and control into the healthcare sector. Those who would not come into the fold were crushed ... Subsequently, during World War II Standard Oil of New Jersey was eventually accused of treason for this pre-war alliance with I.G. Farben."




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