Sunshine Improves Athletic Performance

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March 27, 2007 | 6,768 views

New research from vitamin D guru Dr. John Cannell provides an interesting and previously unappreciated benefit from exposing your skin to the optimal amount of sunshine: Improving your peak athletic performance.

Dr. Cannell's investigation began when several patients asked him why they felt better, faster and stronger after receiving the right amount of vitamin D, and knowing it was a steroid hormone (substances made from cholesterol that circulate in the body and work at distant sites by setting in motion genetic protein transcription).

Every body builder knows that steroid hormones can improve athletic performance and increase muscle mass, and activated vitamin D is as potent a steroid hormone as exists in the human body -- although a much safer one than many, since your body actually requires it.

It took more than a year for Dr. Cannell to locate convincing evidence from five independent bodies of research (largely from German and Russian medical texts) before concluding that maintaining the right amount of vitamin D does improve your athletic performance depending, of course, on how good an athlete you are and how vitamin D-deficient your body is at the time.

The medical literature indicates that vitamin D levels of about 50 ng/ml are associated with peak athletic performance. Recent studies also show that such levels are ideal for preventing cancer, diabetes, hypertension, influenza, multiple sclerosis, major depression, cognitive impairments, and many other disease conditions.

Of course, the world of conventional medicine isn't very interested in something as simple, inexpensive, effective and nontoxic for your health as a daily dose of sunshine. They would rather instill the fear of God in you that you will die of skin cancer if you get too much sun.

Something just isn't adding up here.

Just remember, if appropriate sun exposure is a problem and you're taking a supplement or cod liver oil, please have your blood levels checked regularly, as dangerous elevations of vitamin D can occur needlessly.

On Vital Votes, Cathy from Auckland, New Zealand adds:

"Australasians have been whipped into paranoid hysteria because of that nasty old hole in the ozone layer. Public awareness campaigns of the evils of sunshine screen constantly. Suncream sales from the Cancer Society have made one individual a millionaire(!!) I know people who absolutely refuse to venture across a sunbeam.

"So I say:

"When you are only 60, lying in that grotty rest-home bed, with a hip fracture that won't heal thanks to your use of Fosamax, which prevents normal bone resorption, and your statins that further depleted your vitamin D and gave you bowel cancer, and you get a UTI and chest infection from the restriction of being confined to bed without decent care that would have prevented it,

"This makes you confused, and then they give you antibiotics for the infections, which gives you diarrhea, which adds to your agitation and confusion, and they give you haloperidol because you are ranting, which gives you a Parkinson's type reaction and a Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (all your skin falls off and you go blind) you can congratulate yourself and say:

"'Well, at least I didn't get melanoma!!'"

Ironically enough, of course, there is a wide body of research indicating that sun exposure doesn't even cause melanoma, and can actually help prevent it.

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