Fresh, Home-made, Lip-smacking Iced Tea for a Hot Summer Day

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July 25, 2007 | 26,159 views

Today, I‘ll show you how to make a very easy iced tea from scratch. Now that we‘re getting into summer, one of our favorite drinks is iced tea. But a lot of the iced teas that you buy from the supermarket have got all kinds of nasty additives in them. Sugar, for one, and high fructose corn syrup, things we don‘t want in our drinks.

From lots of experimenting with lots of different kinds of teas, (Trust me. I‘m English!) I‘ve chosen Earl Gray teabags. If you can get decaffeinated Earl Gray teas, that would be even better.

The flavor combination of the Earl Gray mixed with ginger-peppermint herbal tea works really well. You may use plain peppermint along with the Earl Gray as well.



  1. Place teabags into a temperature-proof glass jug.
  2. Pour freshly-boiled water over tea.
  3. If using raw honey, add at this stage.
  4. Steep for approx half hour.
  5. Remove tea bags.
  6. Cool down, then refrigerate, covered.

With this in your fridge, you‘ll be ready when guests arrive. Just give them a glass of nice fresh, homemade iced tea and let the refreshment begin!

Try it. It‘ll be just lovely! It‘ll disappear within minutes, and you‘ll wish you‘d made more. There you go! I‘ve warned you in advance. Hope you enjoy this one.