Ron Paul and the Empire

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As Ron Paul’s campaign for president continues to gain momentum -- largely from an Internet-based movement -- people are beginning to wonder not only if Ron Paul could really win … but what would happen if he did.

Paul’s ideals are directly in contrast with the “carefully concealed oligarchy” that currently runs the United States. Both Democratic and Republican candidates are typically “puppets” of the establishment, but Ron Paul is a freelancer, and his three central ideas radical:

1. The federal government must follow the strict guidelines of the Constitution.

2. America should deconstruct its empire, withdraw our troops from around the world, and practice a non-interventionist foreign policy.

3. America should abolish the Federal Reserve Bank, eliminate fiat currency, and return to hard money.

Considering the massive bloodshed that has occurred historically any time the oligarchy was challenged, this article questions the lengths and powers that he will go to keep Ron Paul from changing the status quo.

Every premise of Paul’s campaign is “unacceptable, repellant and hateful to America’s ruling elite.” A plan to keep their existence intact would include the following sequentially escalating, steps:

  • Ignore him and, if possible, exclude him from debates
  • Ridicule and fear-mongering that distorts Paul’s ideas
  • Scandal, real or fabricated
  • Threats through the criminal justice system (with a “plea bargain” to drop his candidacy)
  • Ensuring his presidency ended in failure, if he was elected
In short, Ron Paul’s ideas have the power to threaten the core of the American establishment’s worldwide empire. As for Paul’s campaign, the article points out, “This is not a political agenda. This is not a party platform. It is a revolution.” July 31, 2007


Dr. Mercola's Comments:
I don't believe the powers that currently control our political system ever factored in the enormous influence the Internet can have on changing our culture.  When you combine this, with the courage and conviction of a true Patriot, amazing things can happen.  Dr. Paul speaks the TRUTH, and support for him is like nothing I have ever seen before. (I read nearly three dozen blogs every day, and about 5,000 posts a week, so I have a good sense of what people are feeling.)

The establishment’s plan to ignore Dr. Paul and hope he disappears from the radar is clearly not working. He was recently featured in a complimentary New York Times article, and received an enormously favorable response from his interview with Google executive Elliot Schrage.

I am confident that this momentum is only going to get stronger as the election grows nearer. We’re in for a very bumpy ride and -- (if Dr. Paul gets elected) -- some changes in the United States, that have been a long time coming.

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