Warning to Men: Hot Tubs Really Will Damage Your Fertility

Men who are having trouble conceiving may want to stay out of the hot tub for awhile, according to a study by University of California researchers.

After analyzing data from infertile men who had been repeatedly exposed to high water temperatures from hot tubs, Jacuzzis, or hot baths for about 30 minutes a week, they found a strong link to their infertility.

In fact, all of the men had signs of infertility, including impaired sperm production and motility.

The good news is that the heat-induced damage appears to be reversible. When the men stopped their exposure to wet heat, total mean sperm counts increased by 491 percent after three to six months.

Among the men whose sperm counts did not increase, the researchers speculated that tobacco use may have been to blame, as most of the men whose sperm counts did not increase were chronic smokers.

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Dr. Mercola's Comments:
If you know a couple that is having trouble conceiving, this is certainly a good piece of advice to pass on. For you men, it seems that simply staying out of hot water (literally!) for a while could dramatically increase your fertility.

Interestingly, male infertility was also a problem for the Roman Empire, when long soaks in heated baths were a daily routine. In fact, raising the temperature of your testicles has actually been proposed as a natural birth control method, although practical problems with the technique has kept it from becoming widespread.

For those of you planning to start a family, it’s important to be aware of the many environmental factors (many of which you have control over) that can impact your fertility.

Many couples seek out invasive fertility treatments before addressing some of the more simple potential causes of infertility, which include:
Other things that can impact fertility include heated car seats, cell phones, and toxins in your environment.

How to Increase Your Fertility

If you are experiencing fertility problems, improving your diet is an excellent first step toward remedying the problem, as without the proper nutrients, all of your body systems, including your reproductive system, will not work optimally.

Following this change with regular exercise, plenty of sleep and keeping your stress levels under control will go a long way toward helping your fertility naturally.

I would advise anyone who’s planning to have children to adhere to these principles even if they’re not having trouble conceiving, as your body will need the extra energy and support provided by a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy and parenthood.
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