Amazing Wildlife Metaphor of How You CAN Make a Difference!

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I love this video because it is a message that, to me, reinforces my belief that you and I WILL change this system that is KILLING hundreds of thousands of innocent victims every year.
Dr. Mercola's Comments:

When I saw that baby water buffalo being dragged into the river, first by the lions, and then being attacked by the crocodiles, it was an amazing metaphor for me because I instantly recognized those forces to be the equivalent of the drug and food industry that is assaulting innocent consumers for their own good. 

But why did this video bring me to tears? 

Because the herd came back to rescue the innocent baby. Individually, any one of those buffalos would have been killed by the lions, but when they collectively massed together they could defeat them.

The message that has become increasingly clearer to me is that what is needed to change this system is someone to serve as a facilitator, herding the masses together, so we can defeat the forces that are killing us

I have committed the next phase of my life to this process, and actually started transitioning into this role earlier this year. 

This is a massive challenge. We’re up against multi-national drug corporations with a $25 BILLION dollar annual marketing budget with which to implement their agenda -- to take your money, and keep you in the dark about the truth about how to stay healthy.

You need to understand that the current health care system is designed to create fear. The illusion that is being created is that it is being done for public safety, and the enforcement mechanism is a government-backed police force. Tragically, many legitimate objections to violations of your health freedoms are overpowered in the name of national security.

Over 80% of the people on the Internet search for health information, but unfortunately, the field is loaded with fraud and deception.

I started this website ten years ago, and now it’s grown to be the most visited natural health site in the world. We have 1.2 million subscribers, but we really need 35 million subscribers to make this system shift.  I believe that is the “tipping point” that will have enough people who are conscious of the truth, that it will permeate the rest of the culture.

We are making headway as we recently doubled our subscriber rate. We now get over 5,000 new subscribers every day. That shows me there’s a thirst for this kind of truth.

But we have a long way to go, so please continue to be a voice of light and health-truth with your family and friends. Lead by example.

If they don’t listen to you, that’s OK. Be patient and love them anyway. If they are following the conventional model, they WILL get sick and when they do, that is the time to gently remind them there are other ways.

It is amazing how people can change their mind once they have been diagnosed with cancer, or have had a heart attack.


There is no doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can catalyze a paradigm shift that changes the world!

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