20 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married

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October 20, 2007 | 67,949 views

So, you’re in love, and you think you and your partner talk about everything, right? But have you ever discussed the issues that might make or break your marriage down the road?

Here, author Susan Piver reveals 20 questions you and your partner should answer before you say "I do,” including:

  1. How much of our income are we prepared to spend to purchase and maintain our home on a monthly or annual basis?
  2. How much time will each of us spend at work, and during what hours?
  3. Do we eat meals together? Which ones? Who’s responsible for food shopping, meal preparation, and cleanup?
  4. Are you happy with the other’s approach to health?
  5. Does either of you have an individual spiritual practice? And if so, is the time devoted to it acceptable to the other?
  6. These are helpful questions to consider if you’re planning marriage. One of the most profound words of wisdom I ever heard Bill Hybels (senior pastor of Willow Creek Church) say, is that the saddest and most unhappy people he knows are not those who never got married, but those who are married to the wrong person...

    That said, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t marry out of mad love – on the contrary. Studies have found that the most successful marriages are the ones that maintain a high level of affection right from the start, where both partners behave as lovers, and stay that way. That’s the crux of the equation!

    Communication is key, but it’s been shown that it’s HOW you communicate that matters the most. In fact, as I wrote in another article just a few days ago, studies have shown that a woman’s health is significantly impacted by the level of warmth or hostility from their husband during marital arguments.

    For more great tips on getting your marriage off on the right foot, see my related articles. And, if you know someone else who’s about to take the plunge, you might want to forward this information to them as well. Call it an early wedding gift!

    CNN.com August 6, 2007