One Word That Can Change Your Reality -- And Change The Way You Think

Did you know that by simply removing one word from your vocabulary, and replacing it with another, you can put yourself in the driver’s seat and gain 100 percent control of your life? 

More often than not, the word “CAN’T” is the culprit of your failures. By replacing “CAN’T” with “WON’T,” you open the door to asking yourself the right questions that may help you get out of your own imaginary prison.  

Do you say “I can’t take a vacation,” or “I can’t get a better job”?  

By changing those statements to, “I won’t take a vacation,” and “I won’t get a better job,” what questions are raised?  

Why won’t you? What’s holding you back? What are you not willing to do to make it happen? Plenty of people have done those things, and are doing them right now as you’re reading this, so they’re obviously not real impossibilities!  

Start your transformation by paying close attention to when and how you use the word “can’t,” and then repeat the sentence in your mind, replacing “can’t” with “won’t.” Analyze the sentence, and you may be in for an awakening. September 28, 2007

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

The central key is to always avoid saying anything negative about yourself in the present or future tense. This is not lying. Because all of your failures were in the past. 

It is perfectly acceptable to state that in the past, you had problems remembering your purse, your keys, or someone’s name, but you condemn yourself to a negative future when you tell the world that you always have trouble remembering names, your purse, or people’s names. 

Your brain is highly susceptible to your language, so please be very careful with the words you chose to use when describing yourself or your behavior. Make it POSITIVE when you are talking about the present or future. 

I think the author of this piece is an inspiring lady – taking the insights she discovered from analyzing her self-talk, ditching her unsatisfactory cubicle job, taking control of her own life and destiny, and now, just two years later, living the life of her dreams.  

If one person can do it, you can do it too! On her website, she also gives kudos to Tim Ferriss’ Four-Hour Work Week, for inspiring her to reevaluate her priorities and taking control of how she spends her time. I too am a major fan of Tim Ferriss, and highly recommend his groundbreaking book to anyone who wants to work less, achieve more, and be more successful

David Allen’s Getting Things Done is another great piece of work I can personally credit for helping me achieve so many of my goals. It’s one of the finest systems for getting you organized and clearing your mind. However, it falls short when it comes to limiting the amount of distracting inputs into your life, and this is where Tim Ferriss’ advice truly excels!

The Four-Hour Work Week may sound like a preposterous title, but I’ve read the book and it’s clearly not a joke. If you were to follow his system, you would still be actively engaged in activities – just not “typical work.” Instead, you’d be doing what you’re passionate about, and you’d learn to manage others efficiently to implement the projects you really want in your life.

Why is this important? 

Because living a balanced life is crucial to your health!  

Living with passion, actively engaged in pursuits that have personal meaning can have great impact on your mental, emotional and physical health. It can also free you up to take control of your health in mundane, yet crucial ways, such as having the time to prepare your own meals, using organic produce grown locally, and savoring every bite because you’re not rushing anywhere.  

Last but not least – following your passion can empower not only you, but can help change the entire world

If you are doing something just for the money, it will likely never make you truly fulfilled, and you will likely never be very successful with it. One of the major keys to success is to identify your passion and move towards it until you can do that full time.

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