The 7 Energy Sinkholes (and How to Avoid Them)

Energy sinkholes are situations that slowly but surely drain your energy and stress you out. These seven energy drains may not be immediately apparent because they rarely hit you all at once. Over time, however, they can leech life right out of you, leaving you stressed, depressed, and apathetic.

Your best combat technique is to get a routine, and to have preplanned methods for handling each of these energy sinkholes. Here are a few of the biggest time stealers. For the complete list, don’t miss the full article at

Disorganization – Few things can be as draining as constantly having to root around for missing documents and files.

The remedy lies in creating a system for organizing and routinely tidying up. Some areas to keep in mind are your computer hard-drive, to-do lists, filing system, your desk, and your closets.

Poor diet and lack of exercise – Getting in the habit of eating right and exercising regularly can actually help combat all your other energy drains as it will help keep your energy levels high.

Create a routine and stick to it for at least 30 days before you allow yourself to change your mind, and don’t try to overhaul your diet all at once. Instead, replace one unhealthy food type for a healthy one, one at a time.

“Squeaky hinges” – These are pieces of technology, or products that work, but have annoying, or time-consuming side effects. Examples include a computer that’s too slow to run the programs you use regularly, a dishwasher that doesn’t get all the food off, or an alarm clock that doesn’t wake you up.

If you can fix or replace the piece of machinery inexpensively, do it now, or come up with a plan for how and when to replace it with something that can actually get the job done.


Dr. Mercola's Comments:

Disorganization is perhaps the greatest time waster of all bad habits, and can lead to endless daily frustrations. And, yes, it can add to your poor diet and exercise routines, making it seem as though you never have enough time to get into, or out of, your kitchen and into the gym. 

This Lifehack article mentions several important energy drains worthy of attention to free up your time for more important endeavors. But here, I’d like to focus on organization and health in particular. 

One of the most important changes you can make to improve your health and optimize your weight, is to cook your own meals, using fresh organic products suitable for your nutritional type -- abstaining from processed foods as much as possible. There’s only one problem, however, which is finding the time to actually do it. 

That’s where being organized can be both a virtual and literal lifesaver. I happened to remember another article I ran in December of last year, which seemed to fit the bill precisely, called How to Organize Your Kitchen.  

Not only will an organized, practical, clean space be more conducive to culinary experimentations, but it can also reduce your cooking time. A few of the wise recommendations from that article included:  

    1. Reduce the number of objects you keep permanently on your kitchen countertops, limiting them to the ones you use on a regular basis
    2. Replace appliances and kitchen tools that don't work (those “squeaky hinges”)
    3. Store frequently-used objects in easy-to-reach locations
    4. Create centers of activity
    5. Create a shopping list of things you’re about to run out of

Remember to organize according to how you cook, not how you think you should be cooking. Experiment with different arrangements, and see what works and what doesn't.

Once your kitchen is in working order, Colleen Huber can give you even more time saving tips on how to make enough time in your life for cooking nutritious meals from scratch, including the idea of planning on the weekend what you will eat for every meal the coming week.

And, if you haven’t taken the time before to watch the fantastic cooking videos from natural-cooking diva, Luci Lock, then make a habit out of doing so right now!  Her videos are a regular feature in this newsletter, with priceless tips on how to improve your health through cooking with all natural ingredients, and spicing things up with quick and easy new recipes.

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