12 Steps to Aging Younger

Michael Roizen, M.D., and cofounder of RealAge.com, reviewed more than 35,000 medical and scientific studies about aging in search of answers to the questions of how and why we age. 

In his new book, “YOU: staying young,” which is to be released on October 30, 2007, he includes these 12 steps that he believes can make your “real age” younger than what the calendar says. For the full list, please see the Press of Atlantic City link, but here is a sampling of his tip sheet: 




  1. Take one aspirin a day after the age of 40 to reduce your real age by 1.9 years



  2. Floss your teeth to gain 6.4 years



  3. Reduce your blood pressure to gain as much as 25 “real age” years



  4. Reduce your stress level to erase as much as 30 years from your real age



  5. Take your vitamins (C, E, calcium, D, folate, and B6) to gain 6 years



  6. Be active, as even small amounts of exercise can make your real age nearly 5 years younger






Dr. Mercola's Comments:

One of the primary reasons I am posting this article is to help you learn how to interpret some of the health news you see in the media from so called “experts” who really have no clue what they are talking about. In many cases you will have far more insights about the subject than what they’re revealing.

As much as I agree with some of Dr. Roizen’s anti-aging-dozen, there are a few I would not recommend in their current form. I fully believe he would learn quite a bit in this area if he had some discussion with Dr. Ron Rosedale, who I view as one of the leading MD’s in the world on aging. He is one of the few MD’s who actually attends the anti-aging biology conferences that the leading scientists like Aubrey de Grey attend. 

While Dr. Roizen’s leaves out the absolutely most important issue of controlling your insulin and leptin levels, he does have some good common sense, age-defying tips, such as: 

  • Laughter, to reduce stress and strengthen your immune system
  • Becoming a lifelong learner, to keep your brain performing optimally
  • Wearing your seat belt, for obvious life-extending reasons
  • Quitting smoking -- ditto
  • Exercising, for overall optimal health and longevity 

However, some of his other recommendations need to be tweaked in order to truly be considered anti-aging, and some could use further guidance.

An aspirin a day does NOT keep the doctor away -- The fact that Dr. Roizen includes taking aspirin, which has absolutely no business being on this list is a strong indication that that he is relatively unaware of the true causes of aging. Using aspirin for heart disease has been controversial for years because aspirin is ineffective for heart disease prevention, and fraught with side effects.

A more natural and safer option is to consume natto. Natto (fermented soybeans) is a traditional Japanese food with a thousand year-old history. I have personally started to consume a serving of natto every other day. It contains nattokinase -- a powerful enzyme -- and is very high in vitamin K2, which is essential for building strong bones and promoting heart health.   

One serving of natto is actually equivalent to taking eight capsules of the vitamin K2 that we sell, and it’s a fraction of the price, with far more benefits than isolated K2. Ancient Samurai consumed natto on a daily basis to increase their speed and strength. To this day, the people of Japan consume natto regularly, and live longer. That is one of the reasons I started it. It is loaded with a bacteria called bacillus subtilus that may also preclude the need to take a probiotic. I think we all should regularly consume fermented foods and natto is the one that I have chosen to eat. 

Remember, even though they are soy beans they are FERMENTED so virtually every negative element associated with soy is neutralized by the fermentation process. 

Learn how to control your blood pressure NATURALLY – Part of his recommendation includes tracking your blood pressure, seeking quality medical care, and managing your chronic conditions. Unfortunately, most allopathic “health” care includes putting you on pharmaceutical drugs if you have high blood pressure, which is anything but good for your long-term health.

Some of the main causes for high blood pressure include eating a high-grain, high-sugar diet; not exercising; and dealing with excessive stress. Following a healthy nutrition plan, along with exercising and emotional rebalancing, will normalize blood pressure in most people. 

Learn the quick and easy way to reduce your stress level, anywhere, anytime – Reducing your stress level is important for longevity. The problem is how and when to get it done.

Learning energy psychology tools like the Emotional Freedom Technique can be an invaluable addition to your stress-busting arsenal. It’s easy to learn, can be done quickly wherever you are, and is fully portable – as long as you have at least a couple of fingers on each hand. 

Get your vitamins from whole foods! – If you’re taking vitamin supplements, you may or may not get what your body needs, as the majority of the supplements on the market are synthetic versions that are not bioavailable, meaning your body cannot absorb them.

Your best bet is to focus on eating plenty of whole, organic foods grown locally. With the proper diet, you won’t need to add many supplements. 

I recently wrote an extensive article about life extension and the secrets to longevity, which included my list of age-defying lifestyle modifications. If you missed Could You Live Longer Than 140 Years? I recommend reviewing it now for the complete list of my no-nonsense, all-natural recommendations that can help you live healthier and longer, while looking and feeling younger.  Dr. De Gray is one of the most well respected and authentic leading experts in the world on the topic of aging.

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