Ron Paul on the Tonight Show

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November 22, 2007 | 43,646 views

Video (8 minutes, 41 seconds)

The reason why Ron Paul‘s popularity is skyrocketing is easy to understand after hearing him talk with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show: his message makes sense, and it resonates with the American people.

Earlier this month, Ron Paul even set an online fundraising record when he raised over $4 million in just 24 hours.

Ron Paul’s message is one of freedom and liberty for you as an individual. In terms of your health, Ron Paul is committed to making positive changes in the health-care arena, which is one of the reasons why I want to share his views with you. Paul believes in:








  • Expanding the ability of Americans to use alternative medicine and new treatments.



  • Opposing legislation that increases the FDA‘s legal powers.



  • The notion that the government should never have the power to require immunizations or vaccinations.
So What Can YOU Do?

If you agree with Ron Paul’s message of freedom and liberty then JOIN THE CAUSE!

I have never donated to any politician in my life. However, I am going to break that pattern now by contributing to the next Ron Paul drive on December 16. If you are considering donating to Ron Paul, do NOT do it until that time. 

You see it is NOT directly about the money. He is only going to use the money to gather media attention -- and by collecting so much money he has gathered millions of dollars of media attention that he could never afford to buy. This helped spread his message of freedom and liberty, which are both currently at risk in the United States.

If you can’t afford to donate, that is no problem. What you CAN do is SPREAD the word.

Search my site for previous Ron Paul videos and send them to ALL of your friends and relatives, and encourage them to sign up for the December 16 campaign.

There are 1.3 million people that receive this newsletter. We CAN make a HUGE difference. If only a small fraction of you spread this message in YOUR networks and communities just imagine what we can do.

So drive everyone you know and have them join the
Ron Paul Boston Tea Party Campaign on December 16. This date is in celebration of the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party in which the founding fathers of the United States made a difference that ultimately freed them from the largest military force on the planet at that time.

If you saw the
amazing water buffalo video you can start to realize that if we all unite together we really do have a chance to overthrow the lions that are trying to eat us alive.