Beware About Drinking Out of Your Hotel Room Glasses!

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If drinking from a glass cleaned with a blue liquid labeled “Do Not Drink,” then dried with a used washcloth, makes you cringe, wait until you see what else these hidden cameras revealed.

At major hotel chains across the United States, you may be putting yourself at risk of staph infection, herpes and more just by drinking out of these unsanitary hotel room drinking glasses.
Dr. Mercola's Comments:
I travel a couple of times a month, sometimes more, and this video really made me think twice about the so-called “housekeeping” that occurs in hotels across the United States -- especially because I nearly always use the glasses to consume my breakfast.

If the glassware is dirty, that is easy enough to overcome by washing the glasses yourself before using them, or even by bringing your own glass, but it calls into question the cleanliness of the entire room. You can rest assured that I will be cleaning or bringing my own glasses from now on.

Even though we would all like to feel like our “home away from home” is as tidy as our own homes, many studies have found that hotel rooms are quite germ infested.

University of Virginia researchers, for instance, found that more than one-third of the things people commonly touch in hotel rooms -- pens, doorknobs, TV remotes, light switches -- were infected with a virus.

And an undercover story by ABC News last year also turned up some unsavory items, like bedbugs, urine, and more, in even high-end hotels.

Is Your Health at Risk by Staying in a Hotel?

In all reality, your risk of getting sick from staying in a hotel room is probably no greater than it is in any public place. And you have within your power the best defense of all: your immune system.

Viruses and bacteria have little chance against your strong immune system. So if you are following my ten steps to optimal health, then you will be well protected from colds, the flu and other illnesses that may be lurking in your hotel room.

What are the 10 steps?

1. Have your emotional traumas addressed

2. Get optimal sunlight exposure

3. Drink pure water

4. Avoid toxins

5. Eat the right fats

6. Eat right for your Nutritional Type

7. Eat plenty of raw foods

8. Control your insulin and leptin levels

9. Get enough of the right exercise

10. Sleep properly

If, however, you are choosing to fuel your body with junk food and caffeine, are sleeping only a few hours each night and are letting stress get the better of you, your immune defenses will be down, and you will become a prime target for illnesses of all kind.

Please also remember to use one of the easiest and most effective tools to avoid infectious diseases: washing your hands regularly.

By the way, I do not recommend replacing your glass glasses in hotel rooms with plastic cups. The plastic is not good for your health or the environment’s.
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