Can Cell Phones Literally Kill You?

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December 20, 2007 | 107,241 views

A 33-year-old Korean man was found dead on November 28, apparently killed by a cell phone battery explosion.  That was the initial declaration made by Professor Kim Hoon at Chungbuk National University, who examined the body.

The man, identified only by his family name, Sur, was found dead by his co-workers at a quarry in North Chungcheong Province where he was employed as a shovel operator.

According to the co-worker who found him, "He had a mobile phone with a melted battery in his left shirt pocket. His shirt had soot on it in the shape of the phone."

“He was injured in the left side of his chest. His ribs and spine were broken. The explosion punctured his heart and lungs, leading to his death," Kim said.

But two days later, South Korean police stated a co-worker had come forward and confessed to fabricating the story after accidentally striking Sur with a drilling vehicle. The preliminary autopsy results had also suggested damage to Sur’s internal organs that were too great to have been caused by a cell phone explosion.

As you likely know, your main risk from cell phones is the electromagnetic radiation they produce. I warned of these dangers on my Today Show interview last month, but NBC censored me and edited out all but 5 seconds of their 20 minute interview with me. And even though the original declaration that a cell phone battery explosion could be deadly turns out to be incorrect, it does not change the fact that long-term exposure to electromagnetic frequencies can have devastating health results.

Information carrying radio waves  have increased dramatically over the last few years as the number of cell phones have more than doubled.  You are also receiving massive exposure from wireless Internet routers, whether you use them or not.  Nearly every major office building is loaded with them, including Starbuck’s, Panera Bread, and most libraries.

When you combine all these information carrying radio waves they resonate with cellular receptors and cause serious disruption of your intercellular microtubular connections. Once this body communication system is damaged, it is very easy to develop all sorts of pathologies related to disrupted intracellular antioxidant systems and heavy metal toxicities.

No “Magic” Fixes

Some individuals believe that relatively expensive fixes like nano polymers (like those used by BioPro) can help with this, but my initial investigation strongly suggests that this technology protection is minimally effective, and dissipates rapidly.

The only real solution is to move our culture away from wireless back to more wired.

I purchased a home last year and spent the past year renovating it before I moved in last week.  Part of the project was to put in wired CAT-5 cables so I have no wireless connections at all.

I also learned that most portable phones are a major source of these information carrying radio waves. The only exception would be the much older, essentially antiquated 900 MHz portable phones. Fortunately they are still readily available online. One of the major differences is that they are only on when in use. The other higher MHz phones are on continuously, bombarding your cells with tissue damaging radiation even when you’re not using them.   

PR and Media Experts Know Cell Phone Dangers are Being Censored

Why don’t you know about this?  Well, for the very same reasons that the public was deceived about tobacco. These large corporate interests were very effective at manipulating the media and legislation to perpetuate the myth of the safety of smoking. 

We really need to learn from history, for if we fail to do so we will repeat the same mistakes.  My belief is that this exponential increase in information radio waves is far more serious a threat than tobacco ever was.

Just as with tobacco a few years ago, there is so little mainstream media coverage of the dangers of electromagnetic- and radio frequency exposure that those who do speak out may seem like loonies on the fringe. But don’t be fooled by mainstream media silence.

Remember, the media outlets in the United States are owned by a minuscule SIX corporations, and even more importantly the telecommunication industry, which is even BIGGER than the drug cartel, Big Pharma, and they have far more influence than the drug companies.

Today, your mind is controlled by Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch's News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany, Viacom (formerly CBS) and General Electric's NBC.  These are the top owners of the entire media industry, which includes everything you read and hear in newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, books, records, movies, videos, wire services and photo agencies.

Edward Bernays (Sigmund Freud’s nephew) is still hailed as the “father of Public Relations” after his wildly successful marketing of the tobacco industry and public water fluoridation, among others. In the 2005 re-release of Propaganda, Bernays’ 1928 classic “PR bible” on shaping and manipulating public opinion, Mark Crispin Miller writes in his introduction:

 “… the fact is that corporate propaganda squelches inconvenient journalistic enterprise, so that early warnings fail to resonate, and growing ills receive no mass attention.

As with the risks of smoking, so it has been, until very recently, with global warming, and so it is today with the carcinogenicity of cell phones, and the toxic side effects of fluoride, just to name a few under reported threats to public health.

In all such cases, the investigative journalist is the propagandist’s natural enemy, as the former serves the public interest, while the latter tends to work against it.”

It may be unfortunate, because it is not as convenient as turning on the television at night, but you simply cannot base your opinions on what is being published by these mass-media conglomerates. You have to find independent information – from people who do not have billions of dollars tied to the information being released – and I, for one, will continue digging for the truth, and bring these sources to you, through this newsletter and my website.

Folks, by the end of this year it’s expected that 4 billion cell phones will have been sold. This is a massive explosion in cell phone use, and one that is undoubtedly linked to health problems, including autism.

The information-carrying radio waves from cell phones may:

Cell phone users are also 240 percent more prone to brain tumors, and a study back in 2004 found that your risk of acoustic neuroma (a tumor on your auditory nerve) was nearly four times greater on the side of your head where your phone was most frequently held.

What is even more concerning, though, is that there is VERY solid evidence that the number of brain tumors will increase to 500,000 per YEAR in 2010 -- and this will double to 1 million every year by 2015 if the causes are not addressed.

Folks, this is the real deal and represents an impending health care crisis.

Can Cell Phones Ever be Used Safely?

Ideally, I believe you should not use cell phones. In reality, though, I know that’s not a practical option for many of you.

If you choose to use a cell phone you should use the speakerphone function whenever possible -- and keep the phone about two feet away from any body part. Do not keep the phone on your belt or in your pocket even when you’re not using it, as the radiation WILL penetrate your body wherever the phone is attached. Instead, stow it away in a purse, backpack, or your car’s glove compartment.

For times when a speakerphone isn’t practical, you can use a NON-Blue Tooth headset, such as the Blue Tube headset. While Blue Tooth is certainly safer than no headset at all, it is still broadcasting its own information-carrying radio waves into your brain, just at a lower intensity than a cell phone. And there quite simply is no safe biological threshold for either of them.

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